Today is “A Day Without Women,” and a lot of participating females are not spending money or going to work today. Unfortunately, not all of us can ditch out of work or have things that we need to buy today, so here are some organizations that you can donate to help women around the world.

  1. She Should Run 
    She Should Run is a non-partisan group that wants to help encourage women to run for public office and seek public leadership.
  2. Women For Women International
    Women For Women International is a nonprofit that supports women who are living in areas of conflict and war. They help women earn and save money, improve health/well-being, and all-around help them create sustainable changes for themselves, their families, and communities.
  3. Girls Who Code
    Girls Who Code is helping girls 13-17 keep their interest in tech jobs. Tech jobs keep growing, but women are being left behind, and Girls Who Code wants to help close the gender gap.
  4. National Organization for Women
    An Intersectional organization in the United States that dedicated to multi-issues. They are trying to promote feminist ideals, eliminate discrimination, and protect all women’s rights.
  5. Planned Parenthood
    An organization that provides affordable health services, including STD screenings, annual exams, birth control, and abortions to primarily women and men.
  6. The World Association Of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts
    WAGGGS is dedicated to helping girls reach their full potential. It helps girls build and keep self-esteem and promotes leadership roles.
  7. EngenderHealth
    EngenderHealth is working to improve the health and well-being of people in disadvantaged communities across the world. They share expertise in sexual and reproductive health as well as transforming the quality of health care. They also promote gender equity and are advocates for women and help inspire them to assert their rights to better lives.
  8. Pro Mujer
    Pro Mujer was founded in Bolivia and is one of the top women development organizations in Latin American. They offer access to finance, health, and educational programs that foster community building.
  9. Global Fund for Women
    Global Fund for Women is a global campaign focussing on human rights for women and girls. They find, fund, and amplify the work of courageous women who are creating social movements and challenging the status quo.
  10. Pathfinder
    Global nonprofit Pathfinder “envisions a world where everyone has access to contraception, where there are zero new HIV infections, where no woman dies from preventable pregnancy-related complications, and where everyone leads a healthy sexual and reproductive life.”

Lastly, Tinder, the awful dating app we all know and love, will be donating money to any of the women organizations they have listed on their #FundHerCause page. The organizations they have to include:

  • UN Women, providing safe places for Syrian refugee women.
  • Planned Parenthood, an organization focusing on women’s health.
  • Becky’s Fund, providing therapy for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Grameen America, supporting women who are building business.
  • Partners in Health, providing women around the world with safe birth kits.
  • Girls Who Code, supporting tech clubs for girls.
  • Shelift, provides equipment for outdoor empowerment retreats.
  • Baby2baby, supports mothers and low-incomes babies/children.
  • Women for Women, supports female victims of war.
  • Tostan, supports human rights based education programs in Africa.
  • She’s the First, provides girls with education.
  • Girls Not Brides,  supports programs around the world to stop child marriages.

If you have any other organizations we should know about here at Women’s Republic comment below telling us about them and we will post an updated article including them!