When watching television, it can be hard to find shows that are enjoyable, diverse, and tackle hard topics. Here I’ve compiled a short list of some of the favorite shows that manage to be all of the above.

1. How To Get Away With Murder

Though sometimes flawed and problematic, this Shonda Rhimes-produced show always manages to be one of my favorites. The show is led by Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis, who portrays fierce law professor Annalise Keating. It focuses on her and 5 of her students (penned the Keating 5) who each and every viewer can see a part of themselves represented in. If you are interested in watching a diverse, suspenseful drama, then How To Get Away With Murder is definitely the way to go.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

It’s hard to believe that currently on its 13th season, Grey’s Anatomy is still standing. Also produced by Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy follows a series of doctors navigating through their work and personal lives. This show never seems to stray away from hard topics such as alcoholism, abortion, LGBTQ+ issues, and even more. The characters are all multi-faceted, relatable, and have a strong “family” like dynamic. It also displays a multitude of strong, independent, career-driven women who each are their own variation of badass. Grey’s Anatomy is definitely an emotional roller coaster as well, but so worth it.

3. Jane The Virgin

Starring feminist actress Gina Rodriguez, Jane The Virgin is about a Latina woman named Jane who is accidentally artificially inseminated while at the doctor’s office. One of my favorite parts of Jane The Virgin is the strong family bond Jane and her mother Xiomara and grandmother Alba share. They are all strong, capable Latina women who would do anything for those they love. Each of them has battled through issues that can be hard to talk about on television, for example, Alba had an immigration storyline and Xiomara an abortion storyline, both of which were handled extremely well. I definitely recommend this show for those in search of a light-hearted television show with a bit of a dramatic twist.

4. The Fosters

The Fosters is definitely one of Freeform’s most underrated shows. The show follows two married women, Stef and Lena Foster, and their family made up of biological, adopted, and foster children, all of whom are teenagers trying to get through the struggles of school, their love lives, family issues, and even more. This show truly breaks boundaries, especially considering it’s a drama aimed at teens. It touches base on a lot of issues that aren’t normally addressed in teen dramas, such as teen sex, the corruptness of the foster care system, and more recently abortion. It even features TV’s first transgender teen romance. I highly recommend this show for someone who wants a change from the stereotypical teen drama.