It’s tough to be a consumer in the ad-focused world we live in today. With marketers working to show us the newest products and services in the best light possible at the most convenient times, it’s no wonder we’re all victims to impulse purchases.

Try to take a step back from typical consumerism and look into the mission statements behind the brands you buy from. With so many companies rooted in service, it’s a lot easier than you’d think to support brands who give back to the community or fight to save the planet.

Investing in products and services from companies with impressive community efforts not only makes you feel like a more educated shopper, but it helps mitigate buyer’s remorse too. Finding brands you love with respectable missions is the hardest part, here are five you can start with.

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster is one of my latest obsessions. The yoga-inspired clothing lines are decorated with inspiring sayings and hipster designs. The cuts and materials are sexy, comfortable, and better yet, a portion of each sale is donated to fight world hunger or to another organization the company supports.

Spiritual Gangster was founded in Arizona, but the brand has gained traction all over the country these last few years. They’re known to partner with Feeding America, Cambodian Children’s Fund, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Make A Wish Arizona but have done projects with dozens of other organizations as well.
The company has provided over 10 million meals to people in need and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Not to mention they’ve got a sweet Instagram and blog worth checking out.

The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants mission is one of my favorites, as elephants are my animal of choice. The brand supports anti-poaching causes and fights to support elephant habitats all over the world. So far, the company has given close to $150,000 to various organizations in the three short years they’ve been in business.

This is one of those brands you probably won’t actively support unless harem pants and dresses are your favorite things to wear, but they are worth checking out. Score 10 percent off your first order by signing up for The Elephant Pants email chain. If you’re really interested in the cause, you can also apply to become an ambassador.


The TOMS initiative is a bit more well known as their entire marketing plan is focused on the one-for-one business model. Lucky for socially-aware shoppers, TOMS are perfect for almost any outfit. Especially if you have enough colors. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and there are dozens of different styles these days. Buy a few pairs and you’ll be walking around thinking about the children you gave shoes to who otherwise may have grown up without any.

In 2011, the company started another charity program hoping to provide needy people with the gift of sight. TOMS Eyewear has donated glasses to 13 different countries, which may not seem like much compared to the 70 countries they’ve donated shoes to, but the program continues to grow every year.


That feeling of buyer’s remorse I mentioned earlier — Sephora was a big contributor. It seems to be impossible for me to walk through one without passing a few things I’m tempted to buy. It felt great to read the Sephora Stands mission statement after all those years of inessential purchases.

The company has partnered with over 500 nonprofit organizations, written grants through the Sephora Stands Together Fund, and organizes a matching gift program during the holiday season. Plus, a ton of Sephora employees actively volunteer elsewhere.

MAC Cosmetics

If you’re not a Sephora kind of girl, have no fear. MAC gives back too. They may not be as charitable as Sephora but the company has raised over $250 million for diagnosed HIV/AIDS patients.
They’ve also fought to protect the planet with a few different initiatives. My favorite is their lipstick recycle program. Bring back any six empty lipstick containers and you’ll get a lipstick of your choice for free.

.          .          .

Shopping with mission statements in mind might drastically change the logos on the bags you bring home. Once you start buying from companies that give back to the community or planet, you’ll probably find yourself looking for other charitable brands you can support. Maybe someday you’ll even write your own mission statement founded in service.