Feminist groups in India have been making great progress over the past few years, despite the fact that India has had an interesting relationship with gender equality. This hard work deserves more attention from the general public. These groups also deserve more attention from people who may need resource assistance and don’t know where to get it. Here is a list (non-comprehensive) of some impressive feminist organizations.

1. Women on Wings

It’s no secret that the Indian economy has been growing for years. But many rural people with low education are missing out on the benefits of this growth. Women on Wings provides job training to rural and low-income women across the nation. Statistics show that women are more likely to spend their income on their families. This means that job training not only benefits women as individuals but also entire families. The feminist group has impacted hundreds of thousands of women and families by providing jobs and job training across India.

Women on wings

2. Sayfty

Sayfty was founded in response to the gang rape of Jyoti Singh and focused on empowering women to speak out against gender violence. The group educates women on safety with self-defense classes, online campaigns, and advocating for victims of gender violence. Because of this, part of their feminist mission includes fighting sexist norms that are complacent in violence against women. This means that Sayfty does many different kinds of work.


3. Gender at Work

Gender at Work is a feminist group focused on bringing together knowledge of structural inequality, and pushing back against sexist norms in organizations and communities. The group works with researchers and activists, and hosts workshops for things like feminist leadership and community action. They take action based on feminist theory and inquiry. As a result, there is an emphasis on working as a platform for feminist activists and leadership. Now, this group is not specifically Indian. But I included them on this list because of how well they have been working at workplace inclusivity and addressing violence against women and children.

Gender at work

4. Snehalaya

Snehalaya (which translates to “Home of Love”) is a group focused on creating a safe place for women, children, and LGBTQ+ communities. The feminist group was founded in 1989, as a resource for people suffering from AIDS. They focus on assisting women, children, and LGBTQ+ people affected by poverty and sex trafficking. As a result, the group runs women’s resource centers, adoption centers, children’s shelters, and help-lines, and counseling for people trapped in sex working. In addition to this, they also run healthcare and education centers.



SEWA, or the Self Employed Women’s Association, helps female business owners in India secure their jobs, and promotes financial and social security for women. Above all, they work for women’s voices and visibility. In addition to this, they provide legal help, health care, child care, and much more to help women achieve their employment goals. This group is a great resource for Indian women who are very career-focused or have been struggling to find good employment. Female employment is an important step to feminist growth in India, so even though this group is not exclusive to India, I decided to include it anyways.


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