First and foremost, Happy International Women’s Day! I hope all of your days are filled with absolute liberation and love. What better way of celebrating this glorious day than with your gal pals, watching “Captain Marvel” in theaters? I took the liberty of watching the movie last night to write up this review for all of you today so you’re welcome and enjoy!

(Not to worry, the following does not contain spoilers!)

“Captain Marvel” as the title of this article says, is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that focuses on a woman superhero for its main character. The film follows the Academy Award winning actress, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, a woman who holds tremendous power through the photon blasts she can release from the palms of her hands to masterful combat, and much more. Her mission as told to her from the beginning of the movie by her alien counterparts, the Kree, is to eliminate their foe, another space alien species, the Skrull. It is not too far into the movie where she (and the audience) realizes that she has dreams/memories of a past life on Earth that she cannot quite piece together. It is not until she is captured by the Skrull and eventually crash lands on Earth, that she is forced to confront her past life that to her, is all but discombobulated figments of her imagination. On Earth, Carol meets none other than a young, “pre-avengers initiative,” two-eyed Nick Fury, famously played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Now, enough of the plot summary and into the nitty-gritty! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie- a lot actually. Was it perfect? No, but nonetheless, a very fun and empowering film! The movie was encompassed with a great cast, head-bopping soundtrack and so much ’90s memorabilia- what’s not to love, right? What I loved most and would especially like to highlight within this review is the “underlying” plot and theme of the movie (or at least, explain it in the best way I can without giving everything away). I loved the personal battle that Carol had to endure in order to become Captain Marvel.

This girl literally forgets who she is and has to find herself again, and in doing so, has to relearn what sets her apart as an individual and use her so-called flaws to be her greatest strength and I find that to be such a powerful takeaway. Now you may argue, don’t all hero movies have that concept embedded in them? And to that, I say, yes but the way in which this film executed it with the issue becoming so literal and apparent in her life makes it much more compelling and genuine to witness. The film, within this message, also greatly touches upon the theme of not letting others define who you are and set your limitations for you, otherwise, you may never uncover your true potential- and I cannot think of a better takeaway lesson than that for young girls to learn whilst watching this film!

The only criticisms I felt while watching the film was that I wish it was more fluid and coherent in its storytelling. I also thought that the humor in certain areas was a bit odd but again, that’s just my personal opinion and it still worked really well for the most part so, honestly, who cares! Overall, I would give it an 8/10 and now I’m sad that no one decided to create a Captain Marvel film when I was young because her character is just such a badass! I cannot wait to see her return and team up with the rest of the gang in “Avengers: Endgame” which comes to theatres in April. Speaking of, as Marvel always does in their films, there are two post credit scenes so make sure to stay for those! All I’m going to say is, catch me making funeral preparations for myself this April y’all.

Before ending my review, I just wanted to commend our incredible lead actress, Brie Larson, for all the hate she has been enduring before, after and presently by white supremacist males who are acting butt hurt for her playing Captain Marvel. They have been body-shaming her as well as ridiculing the film by calling it “too feminist.” These lowlifes were also angry that Brie insisted that there should be more diversity on the “Captain Marvel” press tour. Infinite cheers to you Brie- may your beautiful light never stop shining and continue to keep the patriarchy on their toes! Show your support by watching “Captain Marvel” in theaters now!