Do you speak Hindi? Urdu? Tamil? Telugu? or even English? Whatever language you speak you probably know how to swear in it (Don’t be shy to admit it, we all do). Have you ever considered who or what the swear words target? Half the time swearing occurs so naturally we don’t even realize whom the words are directed towards but I guarantee you the most common ones are all hurtful to a specific group – women!

Picture this: you’re in your car and out of nowhere, someone cuts in front of you and you’re forced to slam your brakes! You almost had a major collision and nearly lost your life! Luckily you’re ok! Now tell me, was the driver male or female? Half the population reading this probably assumed that the bad driver was a woman even though I didn’t state the gender!

Question 2 what words came out of your mouth as you slammed your brakes? Here is a list of possibilities: Behnc****, Madar****, Go***, Go**la, B*tch, F#@k. Pick one or more according to your culture and background.

I’m not here to teach anyone how to swear in various languages, I simply would like to be your inner conscious and ask a couple of questions:

  1. Why are the most common swear words in literally any language targeted at women?
  2. Why is “you cry/walk/dance/fight like a girl” an insult?

Some things never change. However, some things, if changed, would make the world a better place! Let’s all aim to avoid using words with negative connotation at least within our conversations and see the difference it creates within society.

Next time someone/something pisses you off, direct your feelings towards them and not their sister, mother or wife.