Abortion providers are doctors and healthcare workers. However, they are not given the respect they deserve. Instead, they are met with death threats, violence, and even murder. With so much anti-abortion sentiment, hate groups have expressed their hate and shame against abortion providers. Many abortion clinics have been bombed and met with protesters. This has kept a lot of doctors from learning how to perform abortions as well as decreased the number of abortion providers. The murder of George Tiller is just one example of an abortion provider being murdered. Clearly, violence is never the answer, no matter how much you disagree with someone.

George Tiller provided late-term abortions in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Tiller was murdered by anti-abortion extremists for providing late-term abortions. He is one of the few doctors who provided later term abortions. No doctor should fear they will be murdered for doing their job. Dr. Tiller is just one of many abortion providers to be murdered. Furthermore, providers are harassed outside their clinics and their homes by anti-abortion extremists. All of this is wrong. Abortion providers deserve to feel safe wherever they work and should not be met with violence.

Access to abortion

Before Roe v. Wade, accessing an abortion provider was really difficult. There were providers who would perform unsafe abortions leaving many patients to die. Out of necessity, patients would seek these providers because their options were limited. Once Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, access to legal abortion has not been easy. Several states have excessive restrictions on abortion, and other states have few abortion clinics. Even states who support the right to abortion do not have many abortion providers nor many clinics. Depending on where you live depends on how far you have to go to seek an abortion provider.

It is much harder to seek an abortion provider in rural areas due to the stigma surrounding abortion. A lot of providers prefer to work in liberal cities where their work is welcomed. The reality is abortion providers do not want to go to work with protesters outside their clinic. They do not want to experience death threats nor be killed for doing their jobs. As a consequence, abortion providers are limited in areas where there is anti-abortion sentiment. The people who need abortion in those areas have to travel to seek abortion services. Many cannot afford to travel to other cities because they have no ride or cannot miss work. Fortunately, there are providers who are willing to stay and provide their services in certain rural areas. However, more providers are needed in those areas.

The law

Certain state governments across the US have passed laws restricting when a person can get an abortion. By the time a person finds out their pregnant, getting an abortion may not be an option. In addition, these restrictive laws are preventing abortion providers from doing their job. With these restrictive laws, providers are not allowed to provide their patients with the care they need. It prevents abortion providers from providing their patients’ abortions after week limits have been imposed. Also, it prevents providers from practicing abortions when a pregnancy puts a person’s life at risk. Abortion providers are put into a difficult position when policymakers are passing dangerous laws that stop them from doing their job. Providers have to decide either to follow the law or save a life. Sometimes they have to send their patients to other states to receive the care they need.

More abortion providers

Medical schools do not require medical students to learn how to perform abortions. The number of doctors who learn to perform abortions in the US has decreased by 37% since 1982. Obviously, it is very alarming there are not more medical students learning the procedure. Abortions can happen at any point during pregnancy, whether you choose to have the procedure or if you have pregnancy complications. For anyone who experiences an ectopic pregnancy, late-term abortion is necessary to save the person’s life. Equally important, it is very necessary for medical students to receive training in late-term abortions. This is a necessary practice that cannot be lost.

Legal and safe abortions are extremely important in saving a person’s life. Whether a person’s life is at risk or not, for many having an abortion is their personal choice. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of the person who is pregnant because their life is the one that is affected the most. Having access to abortion providers who care about them is necessary for their choice to be upheld. Even though becoming a provider comes with a lot, abortion providers are still essential. Abortion providers make a difference in someone’s life and give them a second chance to continue their lives. More abortion providers are needed because they have patients who depend on them and are grateful for their care.

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