Alyssa Milano is an American actress, producer, and writer. A few years ago, she added activist to her portfolio by participating in the Me Too movement. Additionally, she used her voice, public figure, and privilege to communicate with those in politics. The Who’s the Boss? and Charmed star recently combined her writing and activism skills to create her first children’s book series, Hope: Project Middle School.

Milano’s children book series focuses on eleven-year-old, biracial Hope Roberts. Hope considers herself to be a “future scientist.” Her intelligence, determination, and belief that “girls can do little and big things that can change the world” shine bright.

Through Hope, this series tackles many different, important issues. The first one being girls in STEM. Hope loves science and has won multiple science awards. At just eleven-years-old, she is already preparing herself for her future as a scientist. However, when Hope joins her middle school’s science club, she encounters the gender inequality present in STEM. Quite simply, the middle school boys in the club do not listen to the girls in the science club. Instead, they believe that male teammates can do everything successfully; the boys constantly hog the spotlight. While others accept this status quo, Hope doesn’t. We follow her journey of proving that girls can do anything, including being successful in STEM.

Many young girls will benefit from reading this book. Hope: Project Middle School teaches young girls about science, doing what you love, finding your voice, and changing the world. After all, girls can do anything and it’s time for us to be in the spotlight. This book is certainly a must-read!