You’re so big and tall on the outside, but so frail on the inside. You beautiful girl, wipe away those tears, and don’t you dare shed another. Don’t you dare give that animal any sort of pleasure. Just because they stole something that didn’t belong to them doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

You were just a little thing.  You couldn’t stop him even if you had tried, so don’t you dare think this is your fault. Nothing about this is your fault, so stop denying yourself any form of love; you deserve it more than anyone I know. You deserve all the love that this world has to offer. You deserve the sun and the moon; you deserve more than anyone to ever walk this earth.

Look at you, you were born with the strength to move mountains and oceans; you are stronger than any God. You were made to do anything you put your mind to. You are a force to reckoned with so don’t you dare let that monster have the pleasure in taking away the sun in your eyes. You’ve spent your whole life in the shadows; afraid to let the world see you. Afraid that if they truly saw who you are they would pity you but you shouldn’t dare be afraid. Let the world see that beautiful smile and hear your infectious laugh.

Go out into the world and show them just who you are, let them fear you and let them love you. Show them that you are more than your past. Show them that you are a queen in your own right, stand with those shoulders nice and high and let the world bask in your beauty. Go take back the life that was stolen from you and never, ever look back.