Just read the title. Now think about it. What kind of twisted world do we live in when licking ice cream carries a longer potential sentence in prison than raping somebody? 

In a now-viral video shot inside a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas, a man can be heard encouraging a woman to lick a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and put it back on the shelf, and the woman in the video does just that. The video went viral and started an internet “challenge” where other people imitated the ice cream-licking. The worst part is that the woman in the original video also tweeted she had the flu a week before and could be spreading it. Sick.

Walmart said they found the tub of ice cream and after launching a full investigation, authorities now say that the crime could end up with a 20-year sentence.

And that’s my issue. 

Recently, Judge James Troiano from Monmouth County, New Jersey granted leniency to a 16-year-old who allegedly raped and assaulted someone, and filmed the encounter. The judge’s reasoning? That the rapist came from a “good family.” When white, male rapists can get away with crimes they recorded their own evidence of, how broken is the justice system? Brock Turner was released after three months of a six-month sentence. Don’t remember? He was the Stanford rapist. 

I’m not saying licking ice cream is right, especially if you’re sick — it’s like poisoning someone’s food. Grocery stores around the country are now putting locks on their freezersand customers need to ask associates for help. It’s honestly crazy how justice works in America. How can licking ice cream or contaminating food be punished to the full extent of the law while rapists get off scot-free?

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