Aisha Nazir
I'm a 22 years-old aspiring writer/political scientist/cat-lady currently studying International Relations in KL, Malaysia. I'm a proud feminist (and Womanist) surviving on coffee and the pent up anger and suffering of my female ancestors.
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To All My Big Girls

...being bigger than average and weighing more meant that for most of my life people, friends, relatives, strangers, everyone felt they had a free pass to comment on my body, on how I should be trying to lose weight, how I should go about doing so, what I should eat, how much, and when. I was so used to it, I began to expect it.

Just Your Regular, Everyday Feminist

Hi, I’m your regular, everyday feminist. I’m the one who makes you only occasional uncomfortable by reminding you that several

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Right To Sexual Pleasure: The Personal IS Political

Sexual pleasure, or sex, holds political power. It is often the power that men hold over women, that the abled hold over those with disabilities, that cis-gendered, straight individuals hold over members of the LGBTQA community. In supposedly personal spaces, conversations about their sexuality and the need for sexual pleasure are repressed which makes the violation of their sexual rights easier and more likely.


I use it all the time, my friends do, strangers from the internet I empathize with do. The hashtag ‘menaretrash’ is always a few tempting keys away when trying to sum up the exhausting effects of everyday patriarchy
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Women Rights As Human Rights: Flawed By Design

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights calls for an elimination of discrimination upon the bases of sex, however for long the question of whether human rights are gender equal or whether the concept of human rights is gender-biased and/or gender-blind has been the subject of debate

Feminism Divided

Perhaps accidentally or perhaps following the derivative historic pattern of a need to enlighten the East, Feminist thought and struggle

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