Cynthia Sutanto
High school student in Corpus Christi, Texas who enjoys making political discourse more accessible, promoting environmental sustainability, and drinking too much coffee. My areas of interest include government policy, philosophy, and intersectional feminism.

The Rise Of An Anti-Abortion Culture

On August 19, Planned Parenthood left the federal Title X family planning program rather than complying with the Trump Administration’s


The Choice Of Being A Feminist

In 2012, a movement now described as fourth-wave feminism placed issues such as sexual harassment and casual sexism at the


Why I’m Christian And Pro-Choice

Last Sunday, my church held a discussion about abortion in response to the recent New York and Virginia abortion laws.

Current Events/Politics

The Women Of 2020

Recently, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand entered the 2020 presidential race, reporting that she was forming an exploratory committee and making her

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