Eman Khalid
I love interviewing different people and reporting their stories. My writings mostly focus on female rights, poverty issues, mental health issues, violence, drug abuse, and also spirituality. I aspire to make a difference through my love for weaving words. My writings have been published on various educational, literary, and informational platforms. Other than that, I have been a co-author of various international literary anthologies.
Interview with ghazala Khan
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Interview With Ghazala Khan: A Diplomatic Ambassador And Human Rights And Women’s Rights Consultant

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Ambassador Ghazala Khan as we spoke about her career in human rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights. We also spoke about the lack of awareness against domestic violence in Pakistan and what we can do as a community to help prevent violence against women and children who are the vulnerable individuals of our nation.
Why is domestic violence so normalized in Pakistan
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Why is Domestic Violence in Pakistan So Normalized?

Growing up in a south-Asian household, I often wondered why violence and abuse were so normalized against the women of my community. A good woman is not supposed to “speak up,” if she gets hit by an intimate partner because it is a “family matter.” But God forbid if she wants to stand up for herself and dissipate the toxic generation cycles and stand up against her abusers. She was considered a “bad woman” if she dared to speak about her rights.
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