Saahiti Potluri
Hello! My name is Saahiti, and I live in the USA. I have a passion for writing and I believe equality is a basic human right, so being a writer for the Women's Republic was a wonderful opportunity to show my thoughts on subjects that often get overlooked or ignored. I hope I can help at least one person understand the movement a little better.
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What Do You Like?   In a few panels, this comic brings to light the way women see themselves. Objectification of women has


The Boy On The Bus

In 9th grade, my first year in high school, I met a boy on the school bus who was one


Versus Meninism

I’ve seen a plethora of analogies describing the distinction between feminism and meninism; in short, it’s unstoppable force meets an


The F Word

There exists some arbitrary notion of radicality among the opponents of feminism that convinces the masses that feminism, due to

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