Shriya Kannan
shriya is a 24 year artist with a BA in psychology from UC Davis. in her spare time, she watches a lot of TV and is always doodling. she likes tea, animal crossing, and going to the beach. shriya is the ceo of an online clothing boutique where she sells her hand drawn, sustainable designs. she is also a published author & poet. everyday, she strives to better the world a little bit (or at least, someone's day)!
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A SERIES OF ALCOHOLIC-ISMS poetry written from the day that i finally felt like i had control, for myself  I.

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PMDDiaries Ten months ago, I started taking a birth control pill. After being on the pill for two months, I

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Bliss: An Allegory

He’s sick. It’s an illness. Would you abandon your loved ones if they were sick? Just because it might complicate

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Pride And Privilege

Accountability We’ve all heard that we need to keep people accountable, especially the men in our lives. Of course, this


Pelvic Floor Disorders

I’m back to talk about yet another women’s health issue that goes unresearched and under the radar, despite the numerous

Health & WellnessSex-Ed

Period Poverty

Most people haven’t heard of the concept of period poverty. But, if you are the proud owner of a uterus,

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