Sumaiya Ahmed
Sumaiya Ahmed is a British born and raised twenty-something year old writer, studying English Literature with Creative Writing. Her writing centres around food and books, life, identity and culture, sex + love + relationships, and entertainment. She has also written for The Opinion Panel. Sumaiya is the founder and editor-in-chief of Poised. Endless mugs of coffee or hot chocolate, and Miss Bunny, keep her company whilst writing. And if she's not writing, you can probably find her re-watching Gilmore Girls, Friends or How I Met Your Mother.

All Is Complicated In Faith And Love

When it comes to Islam, everything inside me halts and freezes, with feelings of both peace and uncomfortable alienation spearing

photo of Sumaiya Ahmed holding a mug of coffee and slightly smiling at the camera

Reclaiming (My) Brown Girl Guilt

It’s been a while (two-ish years?) since I last wrote for Women’s Republic and during that time, a lot has