Below Deck is officially in its seventh season and the yacht crew is taking over beautiful, breathtaking Thailand. Series regulars Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain (the actual love of my life) are back for a season overflowing with booze, high demands, drunk wealthy guests, and drama. Seriously, someone keep Brandy away from the alcohol!

Joining Captain Lee and Kate is Ashton Pienaar who is now Valor’s boson. The remainder of the yacht crew is all brand-new cast members. Chef, Kevin Dobson, the stews Courtney Skippon and Simone Mashile, and the deck crew Brian de Saint Per, Tanner Sterback, and Abbi Murphy. I have to admit I was super excited when I sat down to start this new season. There’s something refreshing about meeting new yachties… And waiting to see all the drama they bring along with them.

Kate Chastain has always been my favourite Below Deck cast member. Her honesty, hilarious and witty commentary and her ability to be unapologetically herself make fans adore her. This season, Below Deck seems to have given me, as well as other fans, a treat, yay! Courtney Skippon is my newest favourite cast member; she’s quickly joined the ranks among Kate. Some would argue that she’s a Kate Chastain in training.

Courtney Skippon won my heart the moment she reacted to Brian asking her to smile more. But before I dive into that, I must say I’m so tired of men hurling this command at women. Women do not like it when they are told to smile more. Honestly, we smile when we want to. It’s our bodies. Plain and simple. Courtney even addressed this on Twitter:

Courtney explains to Brian that she does, in fact, smile. I love a good old, “I smile, but not for you,” response. Courtney makes it clear that she doesn’t appreciate being told to smile more. Oh, and she finds Brian annoying.

Courtney also preaches for women everywhere (my feminist heart, ah):

Lastly, Courtney became my favourite because she is completely and utterly honest, much like Kate. She says exactly what everyone else is thinking, but are too afraid to say or admit. And, she makes no apologies. This is especially true when she admits that she is “just like an old woman. She “just likes silence and a glass of wine.” She likes “a good conversation.” I’m pretty sure I just found my spirit animal!

All in all, Courtney Skippon is unapologetically herself, eye rolls and all. And, I love it! Here’s to our new favourite yachtie!