Birds Of A Feather 0 2181

Harvested like corn
At a young age, we’re told we’re ripe
High school boys get away with murder

Boys will be boys
Boys will force us to be turkey dinner
And then tell us to make turkey dinners

When I was younger,
Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday
I’m older now

Women, turkeys, they’re birds of a feather,
Our legs pried open, our hearts thrown to the side,
Our thighs rubbed raw, our insides seasoned;
Torn in half like a wishbone

Ever since I was ‘ripened,’
My favorite holiday has been Halloween
Now that I’m older, I love Halloween

I can be someone else; I can be somewhere else
I can be somewhere where boys are held accountable
I can be somewhere where I’m safe

This year,
I’ll dress up as a girl who is confident
That when she grows up,
Any boy or man who may have hurt or disrespected her
Will not be nominated to the highest court of the land

That’s what playing dress-up
In the 21st century looks like
Dr. Ford was my age
When Brett Kavanaugh hurt her

Thank you Dr. Ford
Thank you Deborah Ramirez
Thank you Julie Swetnick
I believe you.

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I'm a 16 year old women's rights activist from Fort Worth, Texas. I'm the founder and president of the feminist club at my high school and a writer for "Women's Republic." I volunteer my time to my community and local women running for office. I am passionate about ending Texas state legislation that is harmful to women.

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