Peru’s political crisis is known to have little political ideology and more of politicians’ personal interests. Amid the turmoil, Peru’s first female president, Dina Boluarte, was elected in early December. She continues to stay strong in the political crisis. Two weeks ago, Ms. Boluarte pledged to heal the nation’s wounds. Her predecessor and former boss, Pedro Castillo, was ousted in an impeachment trial. He was detained after he tried to shut down Congress illegally.

Ms. Boluarte faces criticism as her experience before becoming vice president was limited. She was heading a club representing provincial migrants in Lima. According to a political scientist and director at 50+1, a Lima-based consulting firm, Carlos Meléndez, She is a populist. Mr. Meléndez, however, adds that she doesn’t endorse an ideology and doesn’t have a doctrine. Regardless she will be for people, and that is expected to add to the downsides. The first female president has no political party of her own and is now faced with dealing with a broken congress.

I ask for time, valuable time to rescue the country from corruption and misrule.” – Dina Boluarte

Boluarte is stronger than ever

The situation becomes a global situation, especially because the country is of much interest to investors. The country is well known as a mineral-rich country for years. Ms. Moluarte was elected as the country’s sixth president in just five years.

Two weeks ago, she pledged, “I request a political truce to install a government of national unity. I ask for time, valuable time to rescue the country from corruption and misrule.” Despite the mixed criticism initially, later after her election, some pointed out how this could change the country’s politics earlier.

According to the political columnist Gonzalo Banda, though she is inexperienced in politics, her experience of a year and a half as a minister led to a lot of experience with policies. Under her former boss, Mr. Castillo’s guidance, she was his development and social inclusion minister. Prior to that, she worked at the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status for years. Some days after post her election, she has proven to be someone who goes with the flow. As she resigned herself from Castillo, she distanced herself from the former President. Post her pledge to heal the nation’s wounds. She is expected to continue to stay till 2026.


While the news articles continue to show mixed opinions from political analysts and journalists from all over the world, there is another interesting scenario going on, on Twitter. There are posts about Boluarte going to prison. There are protests going on in the country, and its chaos.

Here the reference to murders is possibly about the deaths caused during protests. After two people were killed in the protests on 11 December, the accidental president declared that she would present a bill to hold elections early. Various news media have reported various death numbers, where Deccan Herald reported 18 deaths. The other news media reports state it to be two deaths. Then, the popular tweet mentioned above says around 30 people died during the protests. While the truth could not be known, it is clear that the citizens are not happy about the situation. It comes as her predecessor was ousted. However, the new female president states that nothing can be solved with her resignation and that she will bring forward the elections.

Regardless of her efforts, a day after the statement, the bill to hold elections was voted against by the lawmakers. Recently, House speaker Jose Williams said that the idea of bringing forward the elections would be revisited in later sessions of Congress.

Future will tell

Ms.Boluarte becoming the president all of a sudden could bring up questions. However, her leadership during the crisis can be greatly appreciated. The question is not about her being a woman president. The protests were about releasing the ousted former president and not electing Ms.Bouarte as the president.

The truth about what actually could have happened might not fully be out. But once the President starts taking action, it would indicate how it could have been better. The citizen protests are being considered for the next general elections to take place soon. It doesn’t appear that the former president will be out anytime soon. Considering the country’s political history, with a former president dying after deliberately shooting himself in 2019, the situation needs a strong leader. The country’s first female president doesn’t have a political ideology as such but appears to be working towards setting up one for the country. Only the future will tell.

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