Wake up in the morning, have a good coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, go to work, have a hungry stomach, believe that gro-gro sound in your stomach is burning up your calories. Yay! You successfully skipped the most important meal of the day!

My mom would literally kick me, if she wouldn’t see the actual sarcasm in the above facts. Breakfast in many homes is something usually eaten by children. All the parents, job holders, all people who ever are consider elders quite often skip breakfast due to time constraints, or lack of interest or whatever. They tend to think that children are growing people, they have to grow well, they have to be nourished. What about elders? Don’t elders get to live a healthy life? Oh, you eat right fruits, vegetables and all the vitamins are in your body some form or the other.

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” 
― Robert A. Heinlein.

I grew up in such an environment where I literally believed that I would die or I would be sick if I ever skipped breakfast. That is what I was made to believe. As I grew up, I came to find out that breakfast is important and nothing would happen if I don’t eat it, but a healthier metabolism, for improved diet quality and for better food choices are few benefits. Now I do love eating a healthy breakfast, it is probably the best part of my day every day. It’s not like I eat a costly breakfast. It is traditional South Indian breakfast which might be idli, dosa, puri or vada and one fruit along with some nuts. Maybe, this particular breakfast is not entirely gluten free, but you could choose a variety of breakfast from all the ones available from around the world. You are a free person. (Just consider your budget, it’s important too)

I know, it is not entirely convincing of WHY breakfast is important. Technically, there are many researches going on in Spain, North America and Europe, where they observed many situations where a child grown up with a healthy breakfast, which might even be just a fruit, are leading a much more healthy life than the ones who didn’t grow up eating breakfast. Even though many children below 13 eat well enough, in their most important stage of life, adolescence, children tend to skip breakfasts leading to future problems involving lower quality of life and chronic stress.

Why I personally believe that adults should have a healthy breakfast too is because once we wake up, every one of us want to go out there and rock our day. We look ahead of us to have whatever it is that we want. Just by having a healthy breakfast, you let your body stay healthy, so in case of an immediate matter to attend during your lunch hour or snacks time, the delay doesn’t affect your body as you would have had something in the morning. That wouldn’t mean you are torturing your body for your own sake. This, according to the many studies conducted, actually showed that mental strength is improved in such people who eat breakfast. This is a life where every one of us work hard, we work with our brains, body and presence of mind. Once you wake up from your sleep, the sugar levels are low where muscle requires blood sugars for effective movement. Eating breakfast is a small healthy tip, even eggs and orange juice can simply lead you a healthier life.

And finally to all my ladies, having a healthy breakfast keeps you in shape. Maybe it isn’t part of your dream to be good looking, but it does help in boosting your confidence by being yourself.

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