Dear Stranger 5 1447

Don’t tell me, the perfume I wore provoked you to move closer towards me.
Don’t tell me, my hair was tied in a way that provoked you to touch it as you pleased.
Don’t tell me, what I wore, me wearing my skin, provoked you to touch me.
Don’t tell me, that my silence yet shocked expression was my saying ” oh, yes please,” to your deeds.
Don’t tell me, that what you did was not harassment because you insolent fool, never did I consent to it.
I don’t have to say no for you to not touch me.
My body isn’t a display glass for you to touch it and neither do I need to hang a sign that says Don’t Touch in bold red so that you won’t. The word no isn’t a stop sign, nor not saying it at all, means hit the gas.
I shouldn’t be standing up for what’s right and what’s wrong, but look at me, I still am. All I hope is that one day, your sister won’t ever be wronged by some stranger, the way you have wronged me.
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Sujithra, a 20-year old Malaysian, is a small person with a huge desire to share her words in hopes that someday they would make a difference. And she adores puppies too.


  1. you’re so talented. proud of you suji ka ❤ hope you achieve lots and lots with such a beautiful, poetic mind 😚

  2. That would be something to tall the MCP’s inindia because every time A woman is molested, the next question is “what was she wearing “?

  3. This is heartbreaking.So well written! Expressed at its best.This is also just so painful to read .The emotions are very well conveyed.

  4. Sexual harassment is ugly, no 2 ways of taking it. Women are our mothers, our sisters and our daughters – you would want to respect them as much you want others to do the same….thank you for raising this awareness! Little by little, it helps!

  5. Very well written Suji. It shows high maturity level and good awareness expression with sincerity heart. Wishing you all the success in your life.

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