Well, look no further! Introducing “Prioritizing Yourself,” a brand new process that enables you to find friendship with none other than yourself! The results of “Prioritizing Yourself” are absolutely outstanding. Reviewers say that once they started to use the “Prioritizing Yourself” method, they were able to hone in on the people, activities, and environments that brought them true happiness. The best part about it is that it’s absolutely priceless! Investing in “Prioritizing Yourself” saves users lots of stress and provides them a better understanding of who they are as people. 10/10 would recommend, start your free trial now!

Now, you may be thinking, “Damn, Anisha! Who did you fight for you to be acting so petty?” Well reader, no one actually. I have been an avid supporter of self-love for a long time now and am supremely aware of how difficult that journey can be. Finding the right support system to navigate your hardships with can equally be as challenging. And thus, the nature of this article and all that is within it was conceived.

In this article, I intend to inspire you to take a chance on yourself. In all of life’s highs and lows, aside from God, there is only one person who completely understands the inner workings or your heart and mind- it’s you. Who else can recount your best and worst of days better than yourself? Better yet, there is only one of you! You are so specifically and uniquely designed, there will never be anyone as awesome and incredible as you so get to know yourself and be your own best friend! The privilege that comes with befriending yourself is one where you are more grateful to be alive and self-aware of what makes you happy. It sounds easy enough but I feel as we age, the notion of deciding what is good for us and what is not becomes hazy. Deciphering what hobbies, practices, and people are contributing to your personal growth can be complicated when we feel we are indebted and confined to certain things. So take a second right now to really reflect on the root of your pain, doubt, and insecurity. Is it a career choice that you feel was forced onto you? A stale relationship? Whatever it may be, make peace with the idea that you need to either let it go or form an alliance with it by changing it to work in your favor.

A common misconception about this state of mind is that it is selfish- and this can very well be true if you get lost in believing that this world exists to serve you. While it is essential to look out for ourselves, it does not mean we can forget our responsibilities as citizens of this planet to love one another. The intentions of our actions should be to better ourselves so that we can in turn make a greater difference on the world. Of course not everyone has it all together but being honest and walking in kindness gets us closer to there. When we begin to adjust our approach to life by concentrating on personal growth and empathy, we learn not only to be a better friend to ourselves but better friends to other people. After all, how can we expect to love others fully if we don’t love ourselves? Basing our actions and decisions on this positivity also encourages others with the same kind of energy to gravitate towards you. Having friends that support you through this decision making process are the ones you know are worth holding on to.

So, what do you say? Seems like a pretty good process right? “Prioritizing Yourself” has its fair share of haters claiming that “it’s too good to be true” along with its other pointless minutiae. But, I argue that you will have a lifetime guarantee of peace in your heart knowing you are working towards being the best version of yourself. Try “Prioritizing Yourself” today!