Most of us are aware that the media tends to lead us astray on a day to day basis. When you look at the bigger picture, you can see how the media has fabricated the reality in a fairytale of significant aspects of life.

Television, movies, books, and music: we have been misled. And I’m not talking about the discovery of the real Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny (because that was in the name of fun). I’m talking about the reality of fairy tales that include a “damsel in distress” and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Number one: There is no such thing as prince charming or happily ever after.

Number two: Who says you need to find a prince charming in the first place?

Media has groomed young women and women of all ages into believing that their role in life is a “damsel in distress” who needs saving. We are trained to think that the ultimate goal in life is to find a man who will sweep us off their feet.

Play the victim, get the man, live happily ever after. I still remember watching romance movies at a young age and truly believing that this is how the world worked. Some of which taught that yes, I’m supposed to focus on my career, but more importantly, I’m supposed to focus on finding a husband. Maybe I was just naive? Most guys, especially in today’s society, are nothing like the princes portrayed in the movies.

Don’t get me wrong there are some cases in which people do get the fairytale ending, but it isn’t a matter of a woman needing to be “saved.” It’s a matter of finding your ‘other’ half—someone who will support and push you to be better. People do find soulmates and end up living a happy life, with bumps in the road, of course, because that’s life. The fairytale stereotype isn’t black and white.

Regardless of what your future holds, men are not the end all be all. They are not and should not be a woman’s source of happiness. Your life should never be centered around another individual, male, female, or otherwise. That is how codependency develops. It’s not healthy. It took me a while to come to that conclusion. After years of seeing the same stereotypical love story play out in different ways, I’ve come to realize that I am and will always be the source of my own happiness. The only way to find genuine, long-lasting happiness is to focus on yourself and your goals. It’s cheesy, I know, but it’s the reality.

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