Before I start, I want you to think about these two words: “happiness’ and “satisfaction.” The dictionary meaning for “happiness” is a state of well-being and contentment; furthermore, the dictionary meaning of “satisfaction” is a state of being satisfied and contented. However, I want you to think beyond dictionary meanings. What do these two words really mean? I know what’s going through your head. They hold the same meaning, right? How could happiness possibly be dissimilar from satisfaction?

Well, it is. Happiness purely lies in the state of being happy. Satisfaction is being contented with your life, whether it be financial, social, or personal satisfaction. You may perhaps be satisfied with your career, with your house, with your kids, with your husband/wife, whatever it possibly could be, and still not be happy. Likewise, you could be happy, but not be satisfied with your job, house, kids, etc. It is probable to be happy and still be dissatisfied with where you stand in life. It’s utterly acceptable to be dissatisfied with something. It’s a part of mortal nature to constantly be hungry for more. I’m not requesting you to drive in contrast to human nature. No matter how far we shoot, there’s always something we’re dissatisfied with. But – that shouldn’t halt us from being happy. For example, if I’m dissatisfied with my grades, that’s tolerable, but I shouldn’t let my grades hold me back from being happy. I can work on getting better grades while being happy. In fact, if I’m happy while I work on my goals, there’s a greater chance of me accomplishing those goals proficiently.

Self-confidence, perseverance, determination and passion go a long way. Believe you can and you’re halfway there. You can’t change what life throws at you, but you can change your attitude towards those things.

I’ll let you in on a secret. The secret to positivity and infinite happiness. Finding your purpose; looking deep into yourself and pondering about why you’re really here. Why we’re all really here. We have countless examples around us. Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Shakespeare, Martin Luther King Jr. I could go on forever. These are people who left legacies. Legacies that will last forever. They were people, just like us. However, they chose to take the other road. As Robert Frost says, the road not taken. The road full of risks. The road full of fear. But most importantly, the road full of faith. Because they believed in themselves. They saw potential in themselves and made use of it. All of their makings also started with their imagination.

Finding the purpose of your existence is like planting a seed. You’re through the most important part; now, all you need to do is water the plant every day. After you find your purpose, positivity will come to you. Positivity will equal to water for your plant. You will not have to labor for a positive mindset, because it will come to you. When your find the purpose of your existence, you will have goals. You will wake up every day and routinely be drawn towards your goals. You will think of means to achieve them. You will grow so thoroughly busy in your craft and progressing yourself as a person that you will not have for negativity.

I know middle-of-the-road people might think, “I know my purpose, but I also know there’s no point in chasing it.” Life is a battle for the artists; a battle of constantly fighting mediocrity. The world kills the artist inside so many people. Society tries its best to turn everyone into the person that everyone else already is. You have to fight that. If you want money, cool; however, money has to be trailed by meaning. Everyone is always told to keep in touch with their family, to keep in touch in with their friends, to keep in touch with their acquaintances, but nobody is told to keep in touch with themselves. The most important thing in life is to stay true to who you really are. If you lose yourself, you lose purpose. If you lose purpose, you lose it all.

Think of it this way: there’s a guard that’s standing at the school gate when you go to school every day. You smile at the guard once, he probably won’t smile back. You smile at him a second time, he might not smile back. But if you smile at him every day, one day, he’ll smile back. That’s how it works with life, too. Smile at life every day, and one day, life will smile back.

Know that it’s okay to dream, and that it’s okay to set the bar high. If you tell someone about your goals and they don’t laugh at you, your goals aren’t high enough. Start being positive every day and you will notice a change, not only in you, but in your perspective, in your mindset, and in how you react to situations in life. Life belongs to the ambitious. Become ambitious, and life belongs to you.