The cosmetic industries have emerged to be super powerful with their amazing products from makeup to the hair removal creams. Hygiene is important! Well, I had something in my mind lately and I thought of discussing with you guys.  Is personal hygiene been taken to a next level? Waxing and threading is something women can’t do without. But my question, is it that important? I remember how I used to get conscious when I used to go out with my friends (in case they are male friends, then I used to get 10 times more conscious) on a beach (a sudden beach plan) and I hadn’t waxed my legs. Well, I am not saying that I carry around a jungle with me. But there are a few days when the growth is moderate and you haven’t waxed! I know we all face that. But does it really matter? I mean of course, if it’s a deciduous forest there then you got to make sure you don’t move out without chopping them off. But what about the moderate one?


Well, if you think about it, you will surely realize how much do you stress yourself to look that perfect? Also, this is surely beyond hygiene! When the trend says, ‘it’s time to go for thin eyebrows, girls go for that. When the trend says, ’it’s time for thick brows,’ we switch to that.

Well now are we switching to unibrow? Because that’s the trend now! Eyebrows, upper lips, chin, underarms, legs, hands, there’s a huge list. And for what are we doing this? I see women trying hard to fix their eyebrows with some brush or liner before going to the workplace when they have already done the threading thing! Perfection has set a new benchmark it seems. With little girls getting worried about waxing and threading and their looks, are we not much closer to the hell now?  I also feel bad for the girls who end up canceling their plans or rather not opt for skirts and dresses just because their legs aren’t shaved!

Don’t you think, it’s high time we get over this?

Don’t you think we have endorsed enough brands?

So, here is the deal. Try moving out somewhere wearing shorts or a skirt and with some moderate growth. I sound insane? Well, I tried it myself! I finally thought of not getting bothered about it and moving around. And trust me, no one really gave a damn about this. It’s just in our mind. Now I sound more insane to you? Well, try it once, you won’t regret, I assure!