1. There are two kinds of people. The ones who think Valentine’s Day is stupid, and the ones who think it’s special and cute. Both perspectives are valid, but that’s not the important part. What matters is that partners agree.

2. It doesn’t cost a thing to write a love letter.

3. This year, please don’t go out. Stay safe and stay in. Cook together, watch a movie, make some art. You don’t have to wear a mask at home. You’ll be able to see each other’s smiles all night. 

4. You know what’s sexy? Consent 🙂 

5.  Yes, you should appreciate your partner every day. Date nights and little gifts should be all year round. But if Valentine’s Day is important to your partner, consider humoring them.

6. Don’t do anything regrettable just to avoid being alone.

7. If you recently went through a breakup, I’m really sorry. I know what you’re going through, and that sucks. 

8. Even penguins give each other pretty rocks! Gifts don’t have to be commercial. They’re just tokens of appreciation and thoughtfulness. Show your partner how well you know them.

9. In general, loved ones shouldn’t be judging one another on how they spend Valentine’s Day. 

10. Red and pink aren’t the only romantic colors. Flowers, chocolate, and stuffed animals aren’t the only romantic gifts. Paris isn’t the only romantic place on earth. The perfect Valentine’s Day might not look anything like the movies.

11. Potted plants live longer than cut flowers! And cactuses thrive on neglect.

12. It’s seriously time to get rid of the cat lady stigma. Cats are amazing. Give yours a hug.

13. At the end of it all, Valentine’s Day is just another day.

14. There’s nothing wrong with being single. I’m single this Valentine’s Day, and it’s pretty nice. Come on, raise your glass with me.

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