I was nineteen when I first began listening to Kate McGill’s music. I was immediately struck by the soothing tone and pure original talent of this Welsh singer/songwriter. Her album, Replaced was one I would play obsessively. Each song sent a message directly to my soul. They were powerful, comforting, heartbreaking…relatable.

With genuine interest and admiration, I followed Kate from her debut album to her videos on YouTube. Then, I discovered her band Meadowlark (Daniel Broadley is the other half of this brilliant duo). I also watched her very relatable vlog. And, I learned about Kate as she learned about herself. Kate’s life journey has been one of pure honesty, of support, of curiosity, of talking about feelings, and of lifting each other up. Her fans have been there every step of the way. We have listened as she talked about struggling with body image, breakups, and the loss of her beautiful, angelic mother. In doing so, Kate made me feel less alone in this messy, imperfect, sometimes grief-stricken world. Now, she’s headed on a new venture, an important venture.

Kate launched her We Dive Deeper podcast this year. It’s a podcast that discusses very intimate, personal topics with her friends and family. Some of these friends include Orla Gartland, Marie Digby, Kina Grannis, and Mree. Kate has also included her father in We Dive Deeper. Through We Dive Deeper, Kate opens a dialogue on topics such as social media, bullying, fear of loss, confronting the illness of a loved one, body image, self-esteem, anxiety, and much more. She allows her friends and family members to share their stories and use their voices. Kate lets them talk about the topics that many people hide. This is extremely powerful and important in a world where many voices are silenced due to the stigma surrounding various topics. Kate helps to destroy these stigmas.

We Dive Deeper also shows listeners that they are not alone. Each episode is relatable to someone out there. Each episode speaks to someone out there. Each episode comforts someone out there. Needless to say, this podcast is necessary. It’s helpful. It’s fascinating. And, I believe this podcast can change the world.

If you’re interested in watching/listening to the episodes available on We Dive Deeper, head over here or here. If you want to help Kate’s podcast, check out her Patreon.