Katie Austin: Remember this name. For those who aren’t aware, Katie is a fitness trainer, a health coach, and an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere. She creates accessible workouts and delicious meals for anyone interested in kick-starting their fitness journey. In addition, Katie’s upbeat, positive, and real personality make working out fun! Seriously, you’ll smile while working out!

If you want to learn more about Katie Austin, you can do so here.

Aside from all the information I excitedly threw at you, the most important piece of information is the fact that Katie helped with my fitness journey and recovery from anorexia. In my opinion, she is Superwoman.

Discovering my strength

Katie Austin helped me discover and gain strength

When I first encountered Katie Austin, I was not new to fitness. I used fitness in the most harmful way. It fueled and helped my eating disorder. As a result, my friend Ana was by my side at all times.

Before Katie, I overexercised to a point where I got dizzy, fainted, or thought I was going to become physically sick. In addition, consuming food was a gigantic no. Through my choices of fitness and little to no food, I maintained an underweight BMI, thigh gap, visible bones, and clearly no muscle or strength. What was strength at this point? I wasn’t strong. Instead, I was weak. Emaciated.

Katie has a wide array of workouts to choose from on her YouTube channel and her app Katie Austin; high-intensity interval training (HIIT), ab, full-body tone, and low impact cardio, just to name a few. They are also ideal if you’re comfortable working out at home. Needless to say, I had so many options to choose from when I first began.

To note, I did not begin Katie Austin’s workouts to lose weight. My goal was to become healthy, develop a positive relationship with exercise, and discover my strength. This certainly occurred!

My first day exercising with Katie was challenging! I didn’t have the strength or stamina yet, and I gulped for air a lot. The exhaustion I felt made me want to quit. But I’m so glad I didn’t! As I continued my fitness journey with Katie, I realized the changes that were occurring with my body. I discovered my strength, HIIT workouts became easier, and I noticed that my body was becoming toned and muscular.

The journey

Katie Austin helped with my fitness journey

Every day I woke up and began my morning with Katie Austin. I started to look forward to my morning workouts. These workouts not only gave me energy for the rest of my day but also gave me positive thoughts about myself and my body. Because of Katie’s help with my fitness journey, I was able to love my body. Finally.

My journey, and Katie Austin’s help, also resulted in my recovery from anorexia. Anorexia, or my friend Ana, controlled years of my life. With it came anxiety, anxiety around food, spending time with friends in restaurants, and anxiety around family get-togethers. In addition, Ana filled me with worry. What would happen if I couldn’t exercise? I worried about weight gain constantly.

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But, with Katie, I was able to recover and heal.

Delicious food

Katie helped me with my recovery.

I like to say that Katie Austin is not only a fitness trainer, but she’s also somewhat of a chef. Seriously! Her recipes are on her website (you can see them here). I also like to watch her Snapchat stories. Katie will show you how to make delicious, easy, and healthy meals! Because of her, I now have a better relationship with food.

Anorexia made me starve myself. A fear of food was my norm. However, now I eat fulfilling meals and enjoy every moment of it!

I have less guilt around food consumption, diets do not exist in my world, and I don’t avoid foods that society deems “unhealthy.”

My future

Katie Austin helped with my fitness and recovery

My life has taken a turn. Now, I am healthier. I enjoy fitness and exercise. I eat food and provide my body with the nutrients it needs to survive. This is thanks to Katie Austin. In terms of my future, I am researching fitness trainer certifications, as well as nutritionist certifications. Living a healthy, happy life is possible!

All in all, Katie Austin certainly helped with my fitness journey, recovery, and future.