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August 11, 2017, Kesha released her latest album “Rainbow.” She began writing the album in 2014 while in rehab and it became a goal for her, to reach the end of the storm and have this album reflect what she went through to get better. Between then and now, Kesha has had her fair share of battles, such as the Supreme Court case that ended in favor of Dr. Luke. The case was a tragic end to her battle for justice against gender discrimination and hate crimes as well as alleged rape and abuse at the hands of her producer. She uses this experience in most of the work and it is clearly visible in her heartfelt lyrics.

“Praying” especially sent shivers down my arms with her message of hope and her conviction to succeed when others would wish her to fail. She doesn’t just include her battles, though, but instead includes lyrics that appeal to any who have been beaten down by others, neglected, abused, and otherwise feeling alone. she has said her song “Woman” is heavily influenced by her rage at President Donald Trump’s “p*ssy grabbing” comment.

The entire album is incredibly moving and energetic with her passion present in every chord played. It’s heartening to see Kesha using her experiences to grow and be a voice for the people again. She has made an incredible role model by being herself and sticking her ground. She has turned ashes into art and a storm into a rainbow.

You can find the music that inspired her sound here on Spotify:

I am a walking testament to anyone out there that with honesty and self-love, you can feel whole again.


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