Church, a word that often brings a positive connotation. Unfortunately, there are exceptions to this reaction. The Church of Scientology is an organization that claims to be the epitome of current humanitarian efforts and the path for individuals to discover all of the knowledge that the world holds. Throughout the years ex-Scientologist have come forward and exposed the actual nature of the church. Leah Remini is a strong advocate for this cause. Despite the church’s effort to soil her reputation and disrupt her life she continues to be an advocate and use her resources and influence to expose the church in order to prevent future members from joining and to save those already involved.

The Church of Scientology claims to be an outstanding organization with humanitarian efforts at the center of their values. Leah Remini’s recent documentary “Scientology and the Aftermath” suggests otherwise. As a result, stories of abuse, neglect, and lies came to the surface through the experiences of ex-Scientologists. Leah Remini was a devoted Scientologist for over three decades. However, once the church’s true nature came into view, she promptly left.

This organization and its actions are truly despicable, but the trouble is finding ways to shut it down. There is a distinct separation between church and government in the United States, which limits the actions that can be taken. But what can be done is bringing the inner workings of the church to light and placing pressure on them from the public, which is what Leah Remini seeks to do.

Who are they really?

One of the things learned through Leah Remini’s documentary is the quality of life for women involved in this organization. If you are a part of the Sea Organization, a highly coveted group in Scientology, your rights as a woman become questionable. As a result, female members of this organization are discouraged from having children. If they become pregnant, they are immediately scheduled for an abortion. After learning this information, most might say, “Well, they can’t force you to have an abortion.”

While this is true, your refusal is met with consequences. If you refuse to have an abortion, it is considered a crime. You’re put under a security watch, separated from your family members, and forced to engage in continuous manual labor. All of this just because a woman wants to have access to her rights! Another alarming situation brought to light by Leah Remini’s documentary is the act of leaving the church. A consistent experience shared by ex-Scientologists was the act of escaping the church. The act of just getting up and walking away was not an option. They had to time their escape and formulate a detailed plan.

Many Scientologists who belong to the higher organizations of the church live on a base with the other members of the organization. They are surrounded by barbed wire and completely cut off from the outside world. This fact alone should raise a few eyebrows. Even when managing to escape, some are followed and brought back against their will. The shock, unfortunately, does not stop there. For those who leave the church, consequences still await them in the outside world. They are asked to pay a ridiculous fine to pay the church for their services. The church now considers them an enemy who needs to be destroyed.

The aftermath

In Leah Remini’s documentary, many ex-Scientologists share their experience of the church coming after them. They are followed, harassed, and recorded. This is the church’s way of trying to ruin their reputation and ultimately destroy their life. How ironic for an organization that claims to be the epitome of humanitarian efforts also seeks to destroy people’s lives. Leah Remini stands undaunted in the face of this adversity. She feels it’s more important to expose the church and help others to understand it for what it truly is.

Despite the multiple articles, false claims, and private investigators the Church of Scientology sends out against Leah, she still stands firm in her position and continues to advocate for those too scared to speak up. She is an incredible individual and a strong role model for future female generations to look up to. Therefore, Leah uses her celebrity status not in the interest of fame but in the interests of helping others. Leah has dedicated her life to exposing this cult. I, for one, hope her efforts do not go unheard.

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