The rules of the Royal Family are tricky for the present generation to understand. When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married a few years back, it was one of the most exciting things for most of us throughout the world. Recently, it’s gotten even more interesting!

The Shock

As most news-readers have seen, it is believed by many that Harry is being negatively influenced by Meghan. Others also blame Prince William for pushing Harry away. Many believe that somehow this decision to live independently from this spring is not good, that leaving the royal title isn’t a good sign for the Royal family. However, let’s not all forget that the Queen and the palace showed their acceptance of the decision on the media already, which means it could be a good idea after all. Of course, no one would would their family apart. Her majesty couldn’t be excited about part of the Royal family living far off, independently.

The Crown has to be considered in all situations. The country respects the Royal family, and their perfect roles within the family are equally important. But, that is no reason to point out the blame on one person. It involves various rigorous meetings and suggestions from highly qualified people, and then decide what’s best. The sudden press release from Meghan and Harry has been a shock to everyone. But it should have been expected by the Palace and the Queen, after the rumors and their own discussions.

The Considerable Reasons

The couple felt their own independence from Royal duties is important, hence they went ahead with some future plans on how to live. Their newborn son is of much importance to them. The need for Prince Archie to grow without the spotlight. Especially when Meghan Markle has been a victim of a lot of criticism, ever since she became a Royal. Prince Harry is known for being over the news since he was a kid. When his mother, Diana, died due to the paparazzi, the urge to be away from all the drama is understandable. This kind of need for independence isn’t just for their sake, it would benefit their child too. They only hope that Prince Archie would grow up to respect the Royal tradition and be living in a much better environment. Though, the title Prince isn’t officially given to their son, Archie is still known as Prince Archie by many.

Coming to the actual facts, which should have been considered from the start, first thing is that both Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle are two perfectly capable individuals who can leave the Royal duties to the other family members. The senior Royal duties involve, representing the Queen in different aspects. While being independent, the couple represents the Queen, where what they do matters and is of much value.

All The Negotiations

By conveying their split, they don’t mean it as leaving the Royal family or Britain. They will be present in case a situation demands their services in any case. This keeps up the hope, that the Sussexes might resume their Royal duties at some point in future. This can be deduced from the fact that Prince Harry is still a prince, despite HRH titles no longer being used, as per the statement given by Her Majesty. He has been a prince from birth, and he will always be known to us all as a prince.

The recent press release about the amount to pay, used to renovate Frogmore, is around 2.4 million pounds sterlings. The couple plan to paying rent and use the cottage as their home for their stay in the UK. The detailed news is yet to come. Harry and Meghan offered to pay for all of it. It is their first step to being independent.

Their decision to move to Canada came with ample reasons, like staying away from the press. The split time between Canada and the UK is expected to bring positive results. There have been conflicting information about why Canada shouldn’t welcome them. They will be able to make Canada their new home without their Royal titles. However. the public response has been mixed of both welcoming and unwelcoming. Due to some reason, due to people’s love for the Royal family, the hatred Meghan and Harry have raised. Some rage at Meghan’s influence and others rage the fact that this is another way to their abdication, repeating history.

Leaving the Royal titles is not a simple thing, and continuing to live financially independent after the Royal titles have been stripped off, with a situation like Prince Philip to be surprised and absent in all the discussions (Supposedly sick). And the other conflicts between the family for both Meghan and Harry are hard enough. The press release by the Queen and the Palace suggests otherwise. That, they concluded decision is acceptable to everyone. In such matters, the hatred at Meghan, her influence on this decision seems insignificant. Surely, the decision involved both Harry and Meghan, taking such a big risk as a family.

Supporting The Big Decision

Despite the situation being hard on Her Majesty herself, she has been pressing on making it possible for the Sussexes to come back and continue their Royal duties without difficulty. It is possible that she possibly expects them to rejoin by next year. However, if the reasons why Meghan and Harry went away was solely for their son, it might take more than a year.

There is no denying that, this decision shocked everyone. Leaving one of the most prestigious roles, as Royals, is horrifying. The forgotten point is that it could be good and peaceful.

This could be the new tradition: a choice given to Royal members to be able to get some time off from Royal duties while raising a child like any normal family does from their own finances. We forgot that the old Royal tradition, where the eldest child is treated differently, and raised to become the next Queen or King, was broken when Kate Middleton showered her love on all her children like she should as a mother. Just because Meghan and Harry have taken such a big step doesn’t mean they do not respect their family or their traditions.