Sometimes when you’ve created or been born into a living situation that is comfortable, it can become easy to forget that there are things outside of your realm of belief that are happening. We can’t save everyone, but we have to try however we can. Here is a list of just a few of the causes that we can shed some light on and donate to. If you’re curious about more charities, I highly recommend Charity Navigator.


  1. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women 

    Founded in 1988, CATW is the first internationally renowned organization that operates internationally in its field. The Coalition Again Trafficking in Women aims to end child and women sex trafficking globally. They also provide assistance in education and victim services not to mention of course raising awareness for sex trafficking as a whole. You can donate here.

  2.  Your Local Women’s ShelterThough probably not a large organization, your local women’s shelter can always use the extra help. Whether it’s volunteering, donating food or blankets or basic hygenic products, or a cash donation, local women’s shelters need your support. Find your local domestic violence shelter here.
  3. Friendship Bridge Friendship Bridge’s mission is to provide educational and health services to Guatemalan women in the throws of poverty. As a result of such, these healthy and educated women will be able to have the potential to overcome poverty themselves in whatever way they may. You can donate here.
  4. INCITE! Women of Color Against ViolenceWCAV describes itself as “a nation-wide network of radical feminists of color working to end violence against women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color, and our communities.” Beginning in 2000, it has since created grassroots chapters and affiliates spread throughout the country. Donate here.
  5. The National Domestic Violence HotlineProviding 24-hour availability, the National Domestic Violence Hotline offers support, planning, and safety resources to victims and survivors alike of domestic violence. Donate here.
  6. National Center for Domestic and Sexual Violence Forming in 1988, the National Center for Domestic and Sexual Violence has always prided itself in “direct access to information for local, state and national professionals and volunteers” in hopes of changing national policy to further protect women in America. Donate here.
  7. Mending the Sacred HoopThe Sacred Hoop is self-described as “social change perspective to end violence against Native women and children while restoring the safety, sovereignty, and sacredness of Native women.” Though it began by operating within the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, in 2006 it began as it’s own non-profit organization. You can donate to Sacred Hoop here.
  8. Society for Women’s Health ResearchSWHR does just as it’s title ensues and raises funds to advocate for the “advocates for greater public and private funding for women’s health research and the study of biological differences that affect the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.” Feel free to donate here.
  9. United Nations Foundation’s Shot@LifeShot@Life is a charity that offers vaccinations to underprivileged children in nations worldwide. Founded due to the staggering statistic that an estimated “1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases each year,” you can donate to it here.
  10. Women on WingsSince India homes over 1.3 billion people, but an estimated 700 million are still underclass and live on $2 per day, Women on Wings was founded to build more job opportunities in the ever-expanding Indian economy. It helps to connect entrepreneurs with female employees. It has so far employed over 180, 000 women. You can donate here.