Costumes are an essential part of any Halloween day, afternoon, or night. You not only want to love your costume, but you want to feel confident and comfortable in it for the duration that it is on. 

As women, there is a certain belief that Halloween is a time for us to be… well… slutty. I mean take Mean Girls for instance when Caty said, “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In girl-world, Halloween is the one night a year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” 

I am not entirely sure how true that statement is. There are many girls – and people – who don’t appreciate the extra skin shown during Halloween festivities. Being a “slut” to them is offensive and inappropriate.

While I’m never a fan of the word “slut”, I think the idea of its ties to female Halloween costumes is important to think about. It brings about pressing issues and highlights a place for women to push themselves to embrace each other more in foreign ways. 

What Exactly Does “Slut” Mean

When it comes to the word “slut”, it is used (too) frequently and in a loose way. People use it to refer to women they don’t like, a past partner, or just a friend they are complimenting. It is a term that is primarily used pejoratively, but can shift based on the context. 

Regardless of the context, however, the word is mostly used in reference to women. It is used to make the female target feel and appear “impure”, “dirty” or simply less desirable. 

People use the word to hold power over and belittle those they use it upon. The power behind the word “slut” is one that is underlying and almost unexplainable. 

“Slut” primarily will refer to a woman’s outfit, her sexual activity, or her personality. While at times it is used almost as an endearment between friends (less often), due to the majority of its use being accompanied by hurtful words and thoughts, its best to use in a friendly connotation (and in general) with heightened caution. 

Navigating Costumes

Now onto the Halloween costumes. It seems probable that the women who are wearing revealing costumes are going to, at some point, have judgmental looks thrown their way – from men and women alike. It just happens. (a sad statement) 

There are parents who find it indecent for women to be around their kids wearing revealing costumes. There are also people who don’t dress like that and, therefore, can’t understand why a woman would subject herself or “belittle” herself in such a manner. 

Should we regulate women’s costumes based on those around us? What about based on the environment/community we are wearing it in? 

I am not sure I have an answer to these questions. I think every woman has the choice to do with her body and her costumes what she chooses. 

Want to dress slutty? Do it. 

Want to dress up in a onesie? Do it. 

Don’t care? Awesome!

I would say maybe don’t go out naked… and be careful of going out in just boob-pasties as it is going to be cold this Halloween, but I encourage women to embrace their sexuality in the ways they see fit. 

That includes costumes. (without being offensive)

What To Do About It All

My main piece of advice: mind your own damn business. 

If you find revealing costumes indecent then avoid dressing that way – control that which you can. 

What other people do is not your concern. As women we should be embracing, supporting, and uplifting other women in our community and around the world. 

Our bodies are ours to display in whatever way we see fit. 

Happy Halloween

In the end just enjoy your Halloween! 

I know costumes can be a hard topic to navigate through. The right thing has lately seemed very grey – nothing is black and white anymore. 

But these aren’t times to be hateful and rude to those that are expressing and loving themselves. 

So go trick or treating, carve a pumpkin, wear a costume of your choosing and have a happy Halloween! 

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