People define podcasts pretty simply: a series of audio episodes. While there are many podcasts circulating the entertainment world, one podcast is truly enthralling. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast is for the weird, spooky, creepy, crime-loving person in us all.

Aliana Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley are the genius creators of Morbid. Although these cool, badass women have their separate careers (Aliana is an autopsy technician and Ash is a hairdresser), they come together to bring us crime cases we can’t resist. They also provide listeners with spooky episodes for any Halloween lovers.

What makes Morbid unique

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

As previously mentioned, there are many podcasts out in the world. However, Morbid is a unique one. First, Aliana and Ash use in-depth research when they discuss each case. They make sure to accurately map out a timeline, dates and all, for listeners to follow along. Aliana and Ash also verbally illustrate what occurred days or months leading up to the crime. Viewers get the full picture when it comes to Morbid.

Morbid is unique because Aliana and Ash ensure that they humanize each victim. Sometimes, when a crime occurs and goes to trial, individuals attack the victim’s character, life choices, and actions. Aliana and Ash emphasize the human part of the victim. This is especially important for the victim, their families, and their friends because they’ve always been just that… human.

Lastly, Morbid is unique because there is a bit of comedy throughout each episode. Yes, Aliana and Ash put a little twist on their narration. While listening to crime investigations, you can’t help but let out a little giggle from time to time.

Although some may believe crime mixed with comedy is inappropriate, it works for Morbid. The episodes aren’t boring or drawn out, and heavy cases seem a bit lighter.

Some cases

Some of Morbid's cases

Aliana and Ash discuss many different investigations and topics. In fact, Morbid has over 200 episodes! Some of the cases are popular, while others are somewhat unheard of. So, you can learn something new!

Cases Aliana and Ash delved into are The Hillside Stranglers, Catherine and David Birnie, The Papin Sisters, and Jodi Arias– just to name a few.

Some topics Aliana and Ash discussed are The Origins of Halloween/Samhain Traditions, The Bell Witch, and Buried Alive– all perfect for spooky season!

Come one, come all to morbid

Morbid hosts, Ash and Aliana

Do you consider yourself a weirdo? A crime lover? Obsessed with spooky season? Morbid is the place for you! Listen to Morbid today, and learn more here!

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Happy spooky season!

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