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Nithina Mol

Nithina Mol was a 22-year old college student of BVoc Undergrad degree course in Food Processing Technology at the college in her final year. She was a beloved and active member of the community. Nithina had just stepped out of her class after writing an exam where her ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Baiju, asked to speak to her. They sat in a very public spot where onlookers had seen Baiju hold Nithina down and slit her throat using a paper cutter.

Nithina leaves behind an ailing mother that she had been taking care of all this time. Due to her mother’s health conditions, she often took on additional jobs and responsibilities to take care of her. People admired and loved her, especially within her community.

Plan of attack

During the early interrogations, Baiju claimed that he did not want to kill Nithina but rather threaten her. There are different speculations as to why he committed the murder. There is talk that Nithina had an affair with another man while in a relationship with Baiju. Others believe that she had broken their relationship off, and he would not take no for an answer.

Baiju told police his plan was to cut himself in hopes that she would not break up their relationship. He wanted to scare and emotionally manipulate Nithina into taking him back. In addition to this, he had sent threatening messages to her mother, who is currently facing several health issues.

However, after a later investigation, the police revealed that he had planned on murdering her. The accused purchased the murder weapon a week before the attack. They believe he could have had some training as well. In addition, he had searched the internet for different ways of killing someone. The police revealed that Baiju had searched for how to commit the act. He also searched for the legal penalty and charges for stabbing someone. The police also found messages he had sent to a friend declaring he would kill Nithina and threatened her mother.

Postmortem report

The postmortem report reveals that Nithina died due to extensive bleeding. The cut on her neck was deep and wide, also cutting through blood vessels. The attack had occurred at a close distance which explains why the cut was deep and caused excessive bleeding. All of this raises questions regarding whether or not Baiju received any training on how to kill someone and by who. Nithina was rushed to the hospital but she had succumbed to her injuries before anyone could do anything.


Shortly after the crime was committed, Baiju was arrested. Due to the fact that the murder happened in plain sight with plenty of onlookers, they had made sure to keep him hostage until the police arrived despite the fact that he did not try to escape. It is said that a classmate was also arrested in connection with the murder. Onlookers also stated that after he murdered her, he sat on a nearby bench with no emotion or remorse on his face.

Local talk

Many mourn the loss of Nithina. She was a student who took care of her mother and was an active member of her community. Many people praised the woman she is. However, there are many who also ridicule and blame her for her own murder.

After speaking to some locals in Kerala and hearing them discuss the news about her murder, it is almost sickening how they speak about her. A woman had voiced aloud that she was outraged by Baiju’s actions. However, upon hearing this, another had blamed Nithina for not putting her education first. Many people like her believe that students cannot ever pursue a relationship, especially while in school. They believe education and religion come first. Because Nithina was in a relationship with the same man that murdered her, a guy younger than her, they blame her for how he reacted.

Many people believe that Baiju will walk; they don’t find him guilty. The reality is that the world is not made for women, nor does it protect them. We live in a man’s world where they can do whatever and still get away with it.

What can we do?

We often find ourselves having the same conversation every time an incident like this occurs. What can we do? How can we protect women? How can we prevent something like this from happening? Yet despite the numerous times these conversations occur, we seem to face the same issue over and over again.

It all starts at home by teaching everyone consent, what it means, and what its purpose is. Consent is key and is something that needs to be respected by all. Families need to be able to foster a safe environment for themselves where they can express and discuss emotions in a healthy outlet. This also means getting rid of the “boys don’t cry” mentality. The truth is, boys do cry, and there is nothing wrong with it. With this mentality, alongside the effects of toxic masculinity, we need to allow people to be vulnerable in their emotions. Without being able to healthily process these emotions, acts like this can occur.

We have to change the way this world works. We need to make the world a better place for men, women, and non-binary folks.

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