Ah yes, it is that time of year again – the season of starting anew and honestly, setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. In the past 20 years of my existence, time and time again I have written out and promised myself that I would lose the weight, create more content and be more patient and time and time again I am thrust into pitying myself and sulking when I fall short. Now, don’t get me wrong- resolutions can, in fact, be a good thing, and it makes sense to want to make them but the pressure to hold yourself accountable for said resolutions can lead you towards a downward spiral. For those who have kept your New Year’s promises for yourself- power to you! But for those of us who have fallen short, this message is for you.

The stigma behind resolutions can be negative. New Year’s resolutions imply that we have one chance to start over and get things right. It is highly unreasonable to expect every single individual to adhere to these standards when everyone is going through a different season in their lives. In order to combat such negativity, it is essential we remind ourselves that simply because we mess up once, it does not mean we cannot start over. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and set new goals for yourself. In this case, your resolutions should not be confined to just the beginning of every year. It is never too late to create resolutions for yourself.

Going into this new year, I encourage you to not stress yourself out with trying to uphold resolutions that will, in turn, make you feel worse about yourself. The purpose behind setting goals for yourself is to introduce positive change and developing who you are and becoming who you are meant to be. May 2019 bless you abundantly in all the areas of your life, do not be afraid to try new things and discover more about yourself. Do good and go be awesome.