It started with a promise on Twitter. Indie singer and songwriter Phoebe Bridgers promised a cover of Iris by the Goo Goo Doll’s upon the win of President-elect Joe Biden.

Even further, fellow alternative artist Maggie Rogers solidified this promise by asking to contribute with backup vocals to the cover. Now? This last-minute cover is set up to be one of the best selling songs of the week (Nov 13-19).

The set up was a one-day sale, with all proceeds contributing to Georgia activist Stacey Abram’s Fair Fight Action organization. Users named their donation price with no minimum or maximum. The 28,000 single-day downloads put this song in the running to top Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart. Even further, if sold for profit. It had the potential to contend for the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a notable achievement as both artists have yet to debut on the chart.

So where is that money going?

Fair Fight action

In 2018, Stacey Abrams ran against Republican Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia, winning more votes than any other democratic nominee in the state’s history. The race itself obtained national attention for irregularities in voter access to the ballot. Following the race, Abrams created Fair Fight Action, an organization created to combat voter suppression after noticing the mismanagement of Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office in handling the election.

Fair Fight Action works to promote fair elections both in Georgia and around the country. The organization brings public awareness to issues on voter reform, advocates for election reform, and engages with voter mobilization and education. It has also sought legal measures to promote reform.

Stacey Abrams and the 2020 Election

Although Biden’s bid was never contingent on it, Georgia was a crucial state in the 2020 election. There is perhaps no other Georgian or Democrat who is more responsible for Georgia’s flip blue than Stacey Abrams.

“We have seen dramatic turnout among communities that typically are not at the top of mind for candidates. We have seen them be engaged, be encouraged and we have seen them turn out.”

Stacey Abrams to CNN

Georgia has voted Republican for the last nine presidential elections. Last year, Abrams and her former campaign manager constructed a 16-page document based off of voter trends in Georgia. They predicted that the state could flip blue for the 2020 election. Although shifting demographics played a large role in the way the election turned out, Abrams boosted voter participation and encouraged Democrats to focus campaign efforts in Georgia.

It is still unclear if Georgia will remain blue for future elections. However, Abrams work has not just been vital to the Democratic party, but has changed the fight against voter suppression. Ensuring fair elections is Fair Fight Action’s primary work, and the organization is on the way to changing key trends in voter-turn out.

Since 2018, Stacey Abrams has helped register 800,000 new voters. In this, she has helped double the youth vote, and triple the turnout of Latino, Asian American, and Pacific Islander voters. The work of Stacey Abrams is crucial, not just to this election, but to the state of this nation’s democracy. The freedom to vote is not only one of our most important rights; it is also the most hard-won right.

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