Tanzania’s President John Magufli has banned all pregnant teenage girls from returning to school. Magufuli spoke at a public rally in Chazline town and stated that if young mothers would be allowed back in school, they would constantly be distracted.

At the rally, Magfuli also warned young girls in school that, “After getting pregnant, you are done.” He also claimed that the government is only able to fund education for those who are serious about their studies and not those who are pregnant. He stated, “I’m giving out free education for students who have really chose to go and study, and now you want me to educate the parents?”

Although the president condemns young schoolgirls from getting pregnant, he states that he is okay with girls at the university level to get pregnant.

The president’s ban has caused many people in Tanzania to get angry as this ruling is unfair, extremely sexist, and it violates human rights. Just because a girl gets pregnant does not mean that she should be deprived from an education. In fact, pregnant girls should be encouraged to get an education and they should not let their pregnancy or child get in the way of achieving their goals.

This ban has caused an online petition to be created to get the president to apologize and reverse his comments.