Content warning: This article discusses information related to sexual assault and rape culture.

Founded in 2014, Project Consent actively works to dismantle rape culture as well as provide a safe space for survivors and allies. On their website, you can find various resources and information on how to handle an assault in your life or someone else’s. Along with organizing widespread campaigns that continue to foster our understanding of consent and destruct harmful disinformation in our culture; the organization also promotes direction on how we as individuals can educate ourselves and others.

Earlier this year, the organization participated in Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month that occurs annually at the start of April. With each week, Project Consent presented statistics and specific information on different issues to further educate the public. Project Consent is aware that each situation of sexual assault is distinct. Considering this, the organization demonstrated how crucial it is to address gender and sexual assault as well as occurrences in childhood, families, parties, college campuses, festivals, and workplaces in these weekly focus points. We all need to feel safe no matter our circumstances. Those at Project Consent also participated in conversations on social media to continue necessary ongoing discussions on consent.

Even more, programs such as “Project Together” give people the chance to workshop healing and educational seminars themselves. You can find outlines here to see outlines on hosting workshops and group activities. The website includes contact information if you have any questions on creating community programs or other concerns. Similarly, “Humans for Consent” is another program that has created an additional space for people to share their experiences on topics of sexual assault in relation to their lives. If they choose, their stories can be displayed with a picture of them as well to be shared on social media.

This month, Project Consent will launch a campaign entitled #NotAYes. As warmer weather approaches and many people choose to wear less, we assert that we all deserve the freedom to dress our bodies how we want to. The offensive and repulsive victim-shaming lie that what you wear relates to how you were assaulted will not continue any longer. Look out for the campaign and share your summer outfits with the hashtag if you would like!

Project Consent continues to inspire with their many partnerships. These current partnerships include collaborations with Lunette and Unbound. Lunette is a menstrual cup company that is also coordinating beneficial campaigns, such as “This is Our Period” which aims to end the taboos surrounding periods which lead to inadequate care, lack of resources and general discrimination worldwide. Lunette also sells shirts that say “This is Our Period” with 25% of the profits going to organizations such as Project Consent. Unbound is a sexual wellness company with a lot of variety, and Project Consent offers a discount with them! Include “consent” in your final order under the discount code.

In the past, Project Consent has worked with Moda Casting, Believe me Official, 50 Shades of No, Local Wolves, The Tata Top, Break the Cycle, Imax Alarm,  Surviving Me Film, Hercampus, 1950 Collective, and Juniper Park/TBWA. Past campaigns include Password: Consent, Consent is Simple, This is Not What Yes Looks LIke, Paws Off, HBO: The Tale, 1 in 4, and Project


On behalf of Women’s Republic, we encourage everyone to follow Project Consent on social media. We can all learn more about consent, how to express it and how to listen for it.

Additionally, we must repeat what we know. Inebriation and clothing choices do not equate consent. Coercion is not consent. Consent can be revoked at any time. Consent is ongoing. Consent is your choice.

Special thanks to Ciaran Quain, Director of Public Relations and Outreach for Project Consent for sharing information on Project Consent with us!