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Silence grew in her
A cancerous tumor starting from the warmth of her womanhood
Spreading to her stomach
Spreading through her upper torso and making its way to her throat
Wrapping her tongue into knots full of intrinsic silence filled with guilt
Carrying her dead weight
Her dead spirit
Her dead half
Her physicality was made up of knots
Knots of

Weighing her down
Morphing the thoughts in her brain which only screamed
Invisible hands of shame
start to rip the past version of herself into shreds
“I should have been more careful”
Still, her past-self continued to dwell as dead weight within her core
“Did I invite him to do this?”
Adding another fatal blow to her past self
Thoughts of tangled despair silenced her
There was no room for Help
There were empty spaces filled with

The cancer grew stronger
With each thought
Came finality
“It’s my fault”
Death was here
With the final blow
Her past self was gone-brutally murdered
The cancer had successfully spread morphing her cells of livelihood into that of
She would not be the same
Her past self was dead
And all that remained was a body of

Days to weeks to months to years
Her only defense was

Time passed
Life evolved
Yet she remained the same.
A being filled with
What was pain?
What was anger?
What was remorse?
The past version of her self once knew these
But now her body was filled with

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