It’s easy to fall into a boring routine. Whether overwhelmed by school, work, family, relationships, or even a combination of all of the above, your feelings are valid if they mean something to you. Self-care is so vital for a healthy mental and emotional being, especially in times of distress, and even on a day-to-day basis. Many of us are so selfless, and forget that sometimes, we must put our own beings first, because we matter just as much as the important people in our lives. Here are five easy self-care tips I hope you find useful in reaching peace within.

1. Take a bath!

It may seem silly, but sometimes enjoying the tranquility of warm water hitting one’s skin can bring a true euphoric, and calming feeling. Find your favorite scent of bubbles, and treat yo’self.

2. Put on your favorite “chill” playlist, make a homemade face mask, and treat your face to some TLC.

Google is your best friend! There are so many easy homemade face masks you can make, with as little as two ingredients. Make sure you research what it is you’re putting on your face; ensure it’s safe for your skin! For some great DIY face masks, click here. And of course, make sure you’re listening to your favorite tunes. Good music and some fresh skin? Sign me up!

3. Cry, honestly.

Though it sounds too simple to help, sometimes there’s just so much going on, and so many built emotions, that it’s best to let everything out. Crying cleanses the soul, and really allows you to clean your palate.

4. Exercise.

Go for a walk, a run, hit the gym, do yoga! Find some healthier options to munch on. If you feel healthy, and as if you’re doing something right for your body, your body will repay you by altering your mood, and helping you feel even better about yourself.

5. Get dolled up, even if for no reason!

Do your makeup, fix up your hair, and dance around in your favorite outfit. Even if you have nowhere to go, if you look good in your eyes, you’ll feel good. Don’t let not having a destination stop you; sometimes, the destination is closer than you think.

It’s important to remember that mental and emotional health is JUST as important as physical health. You must ensure that you are well and happy, before you try to help others. Self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance are all necessary to keep one well-rounded, and aid in finding and discovering the best version of oneself.