I had a dream

It seemed like we had found a vaccine

No cruelty, inequality to be seen

The cloud of dominance gone, the sky so clean


Then, I woke up, as a voice screamed

You’re getting married

I’m 17

Old enough to wed

Not old enough to glean?



Am I?

We raised you, we choose

My predator?

Your husband

My predator


How much did I weigh?

A hundred thousand, she proudly exclaimed

Shivering, devastated I lay

Dominantly wounded, will I ever get away?


Father, father

Am I sinful?

Stared down at me

No, but you are a daughter

My heart slowly shattered away


Days, weeks, months passed by

The time came to bid me to him


My eyes dripped

My heart cried

My soul grieved


But my face?

My face, beautifully made

My lips?

My lips, smiled although in pain

My hands, covered in paint

My dress, like a cascade

My hair, attractive to every gaze


I heard girls praying to be me

I prayed they never be me

After all, what they saw was a made up dream

Of course, they couldn’t see

The cloud of dominance never set me free