Sometimes, when you’ve reached your wits end, it seems as if it’s the end of the world

And when you look around, you feel as though you’re alone

You know that feeling. Being in a crowded room and yet feeling as if no one is there


There is nothing worse that feeling alone when you have people in your ear saying

“I’m here for you” and “I care”

There is nothing worse than hearing those empty promises and empty comforts when you really need them

When people give that empty care, it makes them feel better

It makes them think, “I’ve done something, I’ve filled my friend quota for today”

It doesn’t help you though, it doesn’t help to have three best friends, a clique , a squad

If those people aren’t there for you when you need it,

If at the end of the day you cry yourself to sleep because no one will answer a call

It’s at this moment you have to know you’re carrying dead weight

You owe it to yourself, to cut those who do not add substance to your life

You owe it to yourself, to grow beyond them

You owe it to yourself to be loved and you don’t deserve to feel lonely in a room of people

You don’t need to feel alone with friends, ever

And if you ever reach a point where you do, leave them

I promise you will feel lighter, happier, less alone

To know that when you need someone they will be there, and will be genuine

Is the best feeling of all, and that feeling will help you move past the rut you’re in

And you’ll know that it is not the end of the world

Far from it.