The next prime minister of the UK will be chosen by the membership of one party, The Conservatives.  Our incumbent leader, Theresa May – the second female prime minister in the UK, both of whom were disappointingly awful – has stepped down because she basically can’t get anyone to agree to anything she says.  Many Tory MP’s scrambled to be in the pot for the next leader of the Conservatives and, by default, the prime minister but the only survivors are Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.  Does anyone know any cheap plane tickets out of here?  I hear Canada is nice.

The big problem here, aside from the fact that both Hunt and Johnson are well-documented dicks, is that this decision was disproportionately made by men.  Only 21% of Tory MP’s are women.  Is it any wonder the two women didn’t survive the first round of voting?  Don’t get me wrong, Esther McVey is the second worst person in the country by nature of choosing to marry the first worse (Phillip Davies) and not only endorsing his anti-women, pro-death penalty beliefs but also adding anti-LGBT beliefs into the mix.  But the fact that she was the woman most likely to be the next leader just underlines the massive problem Tories have with women.  I do have to admit this isn’t just a problem in the party that brought us the Windrush scandal and David ‘Fucked A Pig At Uni’ Cameron.  The current amount of female MP’s in the House of Commons is 32%.  That is the most there has ever been.  32%.  But historically only 29% of all female MP’s were first elected as Conservative candidates so it’s fair to say they are the worst offenders of the main parties.  And these MP’s voted to present the public with two male choices.

While we’re here as well, let’s just discuss for a moment the biggest piece of hypocrisy in recent history; we are being sold a new prime minister on promises to deliver the Brexit we “democratically voted for” and that prime minister will be chosen by 0.2% of the population of the UK, Tory party members.  And of course, most of those are men.