Kamlesh Kumari Joshi


Women have contributed so much to the world, in the field of arts, literature, science, and others. It’s beautiful to see the strength, power, and intelligence each carries. And more beautiful is their sacrifice and dedication to the society and of course to this world. But there are so many who are not even in the limelight, the ones who did their contribution and left the world. Unfortunately, even Google doesn’t have their names anywhere. One of such ladies is Kamlesh Kumari Joshi. Her journey is full of struggles but indeed something one always aspires to live! Unlike many, she fought and achieved her goals. Well, let me remind you that she was born in the year 1938 at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan, a beautiful place of rich heritage and culture but of course was way backward in terms of educating women and encouraging them, back then. And I would further like to highlight few amazing insights from Kamlesh Kumari’s life journey.


Certificate for Women’s Welfare


Kamlesh Kumari was a tigress but the one with a smile.

Kamlesh Kumari Joshi was a strong headed woman, she was merely 15 years old when she got married. And at the age of 16 years old, she gave birth to her first child. She managed to study with the pressure of pregnancy and household. Her married life turned out to be very complicated as her husband was suffering from a mental illness. At such a young age, she managed to counsel her husband and take care of him and her three sons. The situation worsened day by day. This was the lowest phase in her life, wherein, she was depressed and had all the pressure to handle her sons and maintain the family. In those years, when a woman used to think of getting herself more educated, by more educated, I mean thinking of studying beyond 10th grade, people used to criticize. She got badly criticized by the society and the elders from her family for taking decisions. But she never gave up on what she always thought of and so, she started her journey of being an independent woman and struggling against the odds and being a feminist in disguise. She started earning at a very young age and somehow managed all the expenses by herself by doing some private jobs and thereby took all the responsibilities of the head of the family. She was of course taunted by many by taking up such a step because women weren’t encouraged to do jobs back then. And with time she got frustrated and she thought of going beyond and stepping towards the right track. This made her begin the journey to become a lawyer.

With no support from relatives and friends, she maintained her vision strong and became the advocate at High Court, Jodhpur in 1970. She was a criminal lawyer. This was something really new in the air of Jodhpur, as she was one of the first women to become the lawyer. Her life raced up with her being one of the best women advocates. She fought for women’s rights and helped poor women in legal cases like dowry and divorce. She set a benchmark by counseling many women to achieve their goals and of course fight for their rights. She became the Women’s Representative at Congress Party( Political Party),1974. She also became the Government advocate. And she became the President of Lions Club. With her reaching the skies, her willpower boosting high and the popularity around her gearing up, she lost her husband. Life could be that painful, she never thought of! The famous criminal lawyer at High Court, Jodhpur, Mr. Mohnani, says, “Kamlesh Kumari was a tigress but the one with a smile.” Dedication comes with will power and will power comes with faith and her journey is a reflection of the same. She died in the year 2016 at Jodhpur, India. Hopefully, Google search will now make an effort to add her to the list.