Here’s the thing it’s 2019 and flowers, decent compliments and making us feel like one in a million isn’t cutting it anymore. No, no, no we don’t like chivalry, that’s so old! So, let me tell you what we LOVE.

We LOVE walking down the street on a normal day and getting beeped at. Nothing boosts our confidence more than that! It definitely doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable, oh no. You know what tops it off and makes me feel beautiful and giddy inside? When sometimes, just sometimes, that beep of your car horn is followed by a comment or cat-call. I love hearing a random sleazy guy say, “damn that ass.”

Is that an invite for me to come sit in your car? Or give you my number? Because I have never felt safer in my life to do something like that. But, you know what, I’m going to choose to avoid eye contact and basically run in the opposite direction instead.

Let’s talk about the approach boys are mastering on social media. Direct messages are a fabulous way to connect with people, meeting like-minded people or sending the odd meme or two. But, do you know what I love most? It’s receiving a DM from a guy that’s a bit like this “Hey sexy????.” That water squirt emoji is sending the absolute right vibe. See the thing is, sometimes we’re not interested. And believe it or not, that is completely okay. So, we may respond by telling you that we’re not interested and 9/10 times we will be polite about it. So, we love it when some boys who are clearly offended need to save themselves by saying “sorry that was my brother, he took my phone.” But, my personal favourite is being told that “I’m not that hot anyway” or that “I’m just a slag I’m not even worth it” Damn, I feel great, especially because that water squirt emoji you used to start our conversation really did indicate that you thought that I’m an ugly ogre. I’m sorry that I have wounded your ego. Truly, I am.

One thing that a lot of boys do that us girls love, is when you’re hot and then suddenly cold and suddenly hot again… or are you cold? Who knows? We love constantly trying to figure out if you’re interested or not. We love the mind games, they definitely don’t make us rant or worry, angry, cry or all of the above. Of course, it makes us feel special when you’re loving and nice telling us all of the sweet and sappy stuff we want to hear. But, it makes us feel like one in a million when we find out that we’re not, in fact, the only girl with the ‘best personality’ or who you feel like you ‘can be yourself with.’ We’re actually 1 of 50 that you’re saying that too. We love being made to feel special and then having our heart ripped in two and shredded. Love it. We really do.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t caught onto the sarcasm yet we HATE all of the above. So, don’t do it. Just don’t. It’s not that hard to take a note out of the books of the few decent boys out there who actually seem to know how to treat a girl right. We love flowers and attention, not being beeped at or thrown vile sexist comments that you think are compliments. We love being told we’re beautiful and special if we’re the only one hearing it. We love honesty and loyalty so just leave if you have someone else on your mind. We don’t need to be dragged around after you, waiting for you choose us over someone else. Manners and being nice doesn’t cost much. That’s all we ask.