Unloved, used and abandoned.

She’s a mother of two daughters and the head of a family.

Society disregards her accomplishments and labels her a tragedy;

they fail to see what she stands for.

She’s provided, guided, and done everything that she can for

her kids, her family, and the same society that ridicules.

Do they not see?

See the strength she’s blossomed beautifully for her mini-me’s,

A celosia bouquet she has sprouted to be.

Like Cleopatra, she rose to lead her family.

As the ruler of her own destiny,

She’s planted greatness with absent masculinity,

And yet she’s still belittled where she stands,

Her accomplishments tumbleweed with the absence of a man.

A drought of doubt blinds her power,

A cloud of insecurity withers the flower, as false delusions push her to cower.

She crawls seeking manly love, one after the other,

overlooking the might of herself, as a lone mother.

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