This is something of a ‘debut’ article, so I’ll begin my contributing role by sharing some poetry and lyrics that I have written over the years.

My background is in fiction writing, but I began dabbling in verse when I was going through the motions of adolescence and needed an outlet, a quick fix.

I won’t explain each piece, because I think reader’s interpretations are important and valuable, but I will provide a broad context. My poetry and lyrics address typical subjects, such as heartbreak and emotional struggle (who writes happy literature?) but I also treat topics such as abuse, trauma, sexual violence, violence against women, mental health and women’s liberation.

My experiences translate into my writing, but they’re encrypted in figurative language. So while some of my work can be seen as auto-biographical, in some respects, it also relates to wider experience – society at large.

So without further ado, please enjoy!


Violent Sheets
Raised on Disney princes, I rise
Ready to sweep them off their feet
And kiss their passive faces
Dark bedroom, boyhood groomed
To fulfill the role etched out for me
Stretch out to me, fitful damsel!
I catch you, hands full, why do you struggle?
I clip her wings and fit her muzzle
Stings, submits and promises trouble
I wanted a princess but I got a puzzle

And I wake up to the greatest rapture
A dozen nebulae on a quilt on blue
Men on TV, echoes of scripture
Resounding in my narrow mind
Like gunfire; aspires to nuclear
It’s just a burning bush for now
But I will cleanse the paradise
And keep the virgin sacred cow
Eternity has no bride price
Uphold the faith, control the sow

Godless Woman
You told me jump, I asked how high
He was afraid I’d laugh, I was afraid I’d die
For solitude would haunt my mind
But in my head, you were deadly kind

It was a famished, damaged love I made
But it’s been salvaged, it’s been saved
I severed the rot and hetero-decay
Throwing stones just yesterday
Now mountains move, get out the way

And I know who’s been stealing our honey
Those who schemes to push us down
Our submission is his affirmation
In the eyes of God
O’ great patriarch of mine

I want the endless demise
Not an ignorant afterlife
Two fists in his praises
Your prejudice, your plight
God created us
Then he hated us
Femininity beneath maleness
We are Other, but we are shameless

Naked, chewing on a thistle
I go and stand with Magdalene
Fleeting wisdom goes unwritten
Those pearly gates, not getting in
We will take what we’ve been given
And multiply the gift within
We have knowledge, passion, sinner
Won’t you let your mother in?
God’s will is a funny thing

Counterparts that can believe
But only for Mary and not for Eve
Roles of mothers, sisters, see
No bachelors, spinsters you’ll be
Most of history is a mystery
Women and invisibility
If there ever was a good god
Would he reward her activity?
Important answers I have sought
Was left resolving them personally

Humdrum hymns, we worship him!
Have you come to confess?
Humdrum hymns, we worship him!
Shackled womb and covered breast
Master weapon, she builds the nest
His children have the best of her
What’s left of her, the death of her
He flies, doesn’t say goodbye

But I’m a bird of a feather
Your word was her tether
But I know better, I’m free
Is that your deity?
False entity?
Oh-so favourite destiny?
You chose a master
Doesn’t mean you’re free
Let’s cut down this forbidden tree
And take the fruit that’s out of reach

Do you see it? Best believe it
My fingerprint is your image
Truth doesn’t need lips to speak it
But I am someone
I am godless
I do just fine regardless
I am divine
I’m godless

Pixelated People
Pixelated people
Live to be acceptable
Soft mannered man
Amounts to nothing at all
The anti-damsel
Fell in love with a girl
Pixelated people
Living HD worlds

Everyone wants my fucking money
Everybody’s vying for power
We’re just heading where it’s sunny
But the sun’s getting darker
This is for emergencies only
No one marries sober
Let’s all start a new religion
Honeymoon’s almost over
I like to talk like a child
It keeps me sane it keeps me sane
Bite my skin it drives me wild
And say something profane
Drugs are for artists only
Why don’t skirts have legs?
Bad memories in the bedroom
Keep on going in my head

Reign me in
Reign me in
Say something
Say something!

Pixelated people
Live to be respectable
Revolving round egos
Means absolutely shit all
The anti-hero
Came all over the world
Pixelated people
Living HD worlds

Alter Girls
Brains left at the church door
Old man on a high horse
Repeating this discourse
Sheeple bleating on all fours

Between me and the altar
That’s where I want her

Following archaic laws
Fighting in spiritual wars
All the virgins will die whores
Beautiful herbivores
Rejoice in the Lord

Between me and the altar
That’s where I want her

But I tasted flesh and blood
They’re saying it was pretty messed
Pretty messed up
I touched his flesh and blood
Now he’s pretty pissed off
Gonna rough me up
Saddle up for the hunt

Between me and the altar
That’s where I want her
That’s where I got her
Me and the altar
Ha ha ha!

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