Stop letting prejudice poison our population

The last several weeks have been filled with protests and riots surrounding the death of unarmed African American man George Floyd. There is no doubt that there is a severe problem within the criminal justice system when it comes to the treatment of African Americans, whether it be police brutality or incarceration.

Racism has been a problem for centuries. Oppression has not stopped. Yes, there has been some progress, but that is no longer good enough. We need a solution, and we need a solution now. Race is not biological. That’s been proven. Yet, for some reason, there are people who believe that the color of someone’s skin separates one person from another.

I want to offer a baby step towards finding a solution for ending racism.

Stop labeling others, putting people in categories, and shoving people into boxes. We shouldn’t have to identify our race or ethnicity on paperwork. Having the option to opt-out isn’t enough, It shouldn’t even be an option.

We are human; that’s it. Sounds simple right?

The moment we label a person due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status, is the moment when prejudice starts to poison the population.

Racism is a people problem and we need to hold everyone accountable

Racism doesn’t stop with African American people. While they face the brunt of it, Asian people, Latinx people, and several other groups also face it daily.

Racism is a people problem that continues partially due to ignorance and partly due to the current political climate. The way political campaigns are run and the way candidates participate needs to change.

During political campaigns, candidates focus more on pointing fingers and less on addressing important worldly issues.

Some pick a niche group to cater to and continuously harp on how people should vote for them because that candidate is “a female,” “a female of color,” “for the African American community,” “for the LGBTQ community, “All about free healthcare.” Here we go again with the labels.

So what do we do?

The Republican, Democrat, and Independent parties are all guilty of beating around the metaphorical bush. Again, here are those labels.

Maybe it’s time for a new party? The human party? The people party? A party that includes all.

Why can’t our candidate just be a human who wants to do right by their country?

Why can’t our candidate focus on issues that need fixing and policies that need to be revised?

Racism. Homelessness. Economics. Environment. Foreign affairs. The list goes on.

The United States needs a candidate who is a humanitarian. One who won’t focus on pointing fingers. A candidate who isn’t money and power-driven but genuinely has the people’s best interest in mind. A candidate who has balance, humanity, and the economy.

Is there a candidate out there who can do both?

Racism is still present. Innocent people are dying. A change needs to be made now.

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