With the rapid development of technological systems and the convenient access of artificial intelligence technologies for everyone, is it hard to believe that artificial intelligence can be the future of our workforce, employment, and professional field? 

AI has a broad meaning. Since the development of this subject as an academic discipline in the year 1956, scientists have made many discoveries that have proved to be immensely beneficial in our everyday lives. Many students have adopted this field as a career aspiration post-graduation. 

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence in the workforce?

From automated disease diagnosis to self-driving cars, we have been privileged enough to witness some of the most significant inventions in the field of AI in the past few decades. Playing one of the most significant contributing roles in transforming the global economy, jobs in the artificial intelligence field are in high demand.

In the last few years, the demand for talented engineers has been doubled, paving the way for professionals who aspire to develop successful careers in artificial intelligence’s field of development and research. As said by Dan Ayoub, the General Manager of Mixed Reality Education at Microsoft, “AI will be a great transformer, improving the efficiency of many sectors … and enabling the creation of higher-value services that can lead to overall economic growth.”  

Research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute showed that by 2030, one-third of the employers in America would need to switch their workforce because artificial intelligence would take over their jobs. According to a prediction by the World Economic Forum, AI might lead to a net increase of approximately 58 million jobs worldwide. A report conducted by Gartner in 2019 shows the applications of enterprise by AI has grown in the past four years by 270%, which has fueled a positive demand for qualified candidates in the past four years. 

Ayoub says, ‘Curiosity, confidence, and perseverance are good traits for any student looking to break into an emerging field, and AI is no exception.’ 

Amongst the most in-demand jobs of AI is machine learning engineering, which has grown by over 344% between 2015-2019. Simultaneously, the job prospects of a robotics engineer have grown over 128% between 2015-2019. Similarly, according to research projects conducted by Indeed, the job prospectus of a data scientist has grown over 78% between 2015-2019.

The job prospects in the field of AI might seem promising. However, an individual can only succeed in the field of AI if he possesses the necessary knowledge and skills. 

Most of the jobs in the artificial intelligence field require aspiring AI professionals to be proficient in the following subjects and skills. 

  • Mathematics: algebra, probability, logic, statistics, calculus, and Bayesian algorithms. 
  • Computer science: efficiency, programming, data structures, and logic. 
  • Science: cognitive learning theory, physics, language processing, and mechanics. 

However, individuals without a degree in the aforementioned subjects can achieve the skills necessary to attain success in a career related to the field of artificial intelligence, either through online courses or virtual training programs. 

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

The work that human beings can do, which does not involve artificial intelligence, is creativity and empathy. Human beings can create stories and scenarios. Whereas robots can take over projects that involve machinery and can only do tasks they are programmed to do, which involves orders and maintenance from their respective owners or programmers. It was shown in the 2019 CIO survey by Gartner that various organizations use artificial intelligence tools for helping them complete certain tasks, which can pose a danger to human beings. 

Other than its use for industrial applications, has artificial intelligence impacted our everyday lives? When you ask a question to your digital assistant regarding any specific subject, it searches for a suitable answer from the web. From the list of recommended videos on YouTube to product recommendations on online shopping platforms, from your friend suggestions on social media to relevant posts appearing on the news feed, all of this is an example of  AI. 

According to a landmark 2013 study which inspired the platform “Will Robots Take My Job?” here is a list of the jobs expected to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next few decades: 

  1. Advertising Salespeople
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Receptionists
  4. Retail Salespeople
  5. Proofreaders
  6. Compensation and Benefits Managers
  7. Market Research Analysts
  8. Couriers
  9. Bookkeeping Clerks
  10. Computer Support Specialists

What is the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence?

With the rapid development of various careers in the field of artificial intelligence and the rise in demand for AI engineers, you can step into the career of artificial intelligence without the hesitation of ending up unemployed or underpaid. 

Being a highly competitive field with above-average job growth, to attain a job in an artificial intelligence field requires a science or a tech-related degree. Attaining volunteering experience through internships is beneficial as well because it’d help you attain real-world exposure, giving you the opportunity to interact with successful people in the career you aspire to pursue. The majority of students who wish to pursue their bachelors in the field of AI either have second thoughts about the career prospects in the field of artificial intelligence, or they believe they’d end up unemployed even after pursuing their Masters in an AI-related field.

Just like any other career, to succeed in the field of AI requires persistence, commitment, dedication, and hard work. If you invest a certain amount of time to grasp and learn the various concepts of artificial intelligence and implement the knowledge gained in a hands-on experience through internships or work experiences, it will not be unyielding for an AI aspirant to attain a successful career of his preference.

One of the most crucial steps on your career path towards AI is attaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer technology.

However, solely with a bachelor’s degree, you can expect to attain an entry-level position. Mostly, employers prefer to hire those with a Ph.D. or those with hands-on work experience at a reputable company. 

The top five careers in artificial intelligence are:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. User Experience
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Research
  5. Software Engineering

What does a student learn in Artificial Intelligence? 

AI is a field of research that portrays the intelligence of human behavior by a computer or a machine. Some of the crucial topics in the AI field are reasoning, problem-solving, natural language understanding, planning, machine learning, computer vision, automatic programming, and so on. 

What are the most in-demand tech-related jobs of 2020?

According to a report conducted by Dice jobs for the first quarter of 2020, the tech-related jobs whose demand is expected to increase in the upcoming years are:

  1. Software developer
  2. Software QA engineer
  3. Business analyst
  4. Senior software developer
  5. Application developer
  6. Network engineer
  7. Software QA engineer
  8. Java developer
  9. IT project manager
  10. Systems engineer

Another report compiled by Career Karma shows a list of jobs in the tech field whose demand is expected to increase in the upcoming years. 

  1. Database Administrator
  2. Computer Network Architect
  3. Mobile Application Developer
  4. Computer Systems Analyst
  5. Python Developer
  6. Tech Sales Engineer
  7. Computer Research Scientist
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Computer Hardware Engineer
  10. Web Designer (UI/UX Designer)
  11. Information Security Analyst
  12. Web Developer
  13. DevOps Engineer
  14. PHP Developer
  15. Network and Systems Administrator
  16. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning Engineer

Attaining a stable job in the tech-field might not be easy. However, with the right mentor, and the right tutoring, you can attain the confidence and skills to prosper in your aspiring career field. Do you wish to attain a stable job as a software engineer or an AI Engineer? Are you a tech enthusiast and need additional help to excel in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence? MOOCTORS has you covered! 

To quote Roy T. Bennet, “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” If you believe it, you can do it. To attain success in the tech field might be unyielding, and there will be times when you’d have to bear the grief of watching your job applications being rejected. However, if you are determined to excel in your desired career path, you will attain your big break in the tech-field. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

One of the most crucial things you’d need to succeed in the tech-field is to believe in yourself firmly, because at the end of the day, when you have immense course work piled up and innumerable assignments due, the only thing that will keep you going through the exam season would be a firm belief that you can achieve success and excel in your profession. And MOOCTORS will help you achieve that dream!

Is it difficult to learn? 

Machine learning and analyzing the way it operates is tricky. One crucial step towards learning about AI is to grasp the concepts and understand various subjects of artificial intelligence in-depth. Learning about machines and the way they operate differently is not only an intellectually stimulating experience, but it is also an intriguingly alluring subject that will make you want to explore more and more about this specific field. 

From where can you get help learning about Artificial Intelligence?

From a reputable university or a community college, there are many expensive and inexpensive platforms from where you can learn about AI. However, if you find that you need help learning about AI, you can register as a student at MOOCTORS. This will provide you with personalized tutoring support based on your individualized learning style, which is typically not accessible through online course offerings.

This new type of online tech tutoring uses an innovative tutoring approach that will help you learn better and faster, so you can get to your future endeavors more quickly. With flexible scheduling, you will have the opportunity to speak with your tutors who will help you throughout your learning journey.

You can work full-time and still schedule your tutoring classes from any place at any time and through any device. Presenting a culture of innovation and diversity, the tutors at MOOCTORS are respectful towards the opinions of their students and always make sure that their students understand their coursework thoroughly, ensuring a safe learning platform for individuals globally. 

How can you earn money through MOOCTORS?

Are you an AI enthusiast with a passion for teaching? Becoming a tutor at MOOCTORS might be the perfect choice for you! The extra income earned by tutors at MOOCTORS has proved to be efficient, especially for those in need of extra money to plan their next dream trip or to purchase a gadget of their choice. Qualified individuals can always sign up to become a tutor at MOOCTORS. In fact, those who have utilized tutoring support from MOOCTORS bring unique advantages as a tutor at this platform. 

How to become a student at MOOCTORS?

MOOCTORS is an online tutoring platform that helps its students graduate their MOOC or other online courses whether they are upskilling themselves or starting a journey on a new career path in the technology field.  No matter life’s obligations, MOOC students have access to their tutors and can receive personalized help 24/7. Being a student at MOOCTORS, you wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to an instructor’s or assistant’s office hours during lunch break at work or leaving your children with a nanny. At MOOCTORS, you can attain personalized tutoring support. It will prove to be extensively vital in your aspiring career field of artificial intelligence and technology. 

Is it authentic? 

Expose relevant information about tutors and establishing trust through reviews, verifications, platform requirements, and other mechanisms. Then you can always be sure that the tutor you are learning from falls into the expectations of what you want to learn from your online courses and time at MOOCTORS. The tutors at MOOCTORS are highly experienced. Some of them being the trusted employers of the top 10 tech companies globally. They also contain some of the most crucial skills. This can prove to be extensively helpful in training you to achieve your future endeavors. In short, MOOCTORS is an authentic online institution whose tech-tutoring platform is built to help students successfully navigate through the learning process of the relevant knowledge required to succeed in the technology field and to gain an overall intellectually fulfilling experience that shall help them prosper in the workforce and professional field.

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